Hero Challenges have ruined Quickplay soloqueues (Also a note on new red droprate)

Solo queuing is a nightmare now. Here is what happens as often as not:

  1. Start up quickplay, get a group of randoms
  2. Load up map
  3. 1 or 2 players immediately quit because they’ve already completed the map
  4. Now have to play first quarter or half of the map with bots because player base has shrunk so much and takes forever for someone else to join
  5. Bots end up dying to gas rat or Troll vomit because bots can’t Legend
  6. New players finally join map but start off dead and assume team is bad or don’t want to wait for revive so they leave and queue into another map to repeat the same thing

Legend is basically a lost cause at this point unless you queue up with some friends. And people chasing challenges need 13x15 maps completed so it is going to be a while before this behavior cleans itself up.

Sidenote: It seems like the red droprates were increased dramatically, at least from my experience. It took me weeks to get a red before, but since patch I’m getting multiple reds a day. I’ve picked up twice as many reds in a week of 1.1 than I picked up since release before 1.1. I get a red every five vaults or so now. It is nice to finally have red weapons I use, but the pendulum has swung from “Gee I’ll never get that red” to “Eh another red”. Getting reds is normalized now instead of straddling that middle ground between being special and impossible. Running a full group, can expect someone to get a red every other map

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