Heresy difficulty, solo start, hard start phase


with my lvl 30 Zealot, gear +350 rating trying to move to higher difficulty levels because level 3 is a bit too easy at this stage.

And after about (maybe) 30 or so games, I noticed a problem that briefly was just as problematic like in V2.

  1. Starting solo with bots - terrible experience, something like this should not even happen. Dashing players find themselves in the heart of the fight, which sometimes with bad perfomrance insta kills them before they realize what’s going on around them.

  2. Starting cooparate with your random group or even with your friends is kinda mehhh

  3. The starting phase (even if you start with 4 people) is sometimes the hardest part. tons of enemies, enemy specialists, and perhaps the most iconic enemy shooter spam. Once you’ve done that, it’s all downhill, but this is also where you usually end the game.

  4. Finding books on these levels is a nightmare. Which is why doing weekly Q has nothing to do with playing.

For me, it needs to be balanced because it’s a really bad experience for players who want to jump to the next difficulty levels.
Another thing is actually a reward for higher levels. You don’t need exp, you don’t need gold? in V2 the lootbox system somehow rewarded you for it but here? Weekly Q will be faster at lower lvl.

This one is currently a common bug for that difficulty. You’re getting swarmed instantly because a “more hordes”-special condition is added to the map.