Help me understand

Yeah 100% on board. Honestly makes more sense to me.

Because it’s cosmetic. If cosmetics had an effect on stats/game play, the Grail Knight experience would be this :point_down:

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I know they are cosmetics. I was saying, VISUALLY SPEAKING it makes no sense he seems to have more armor on than both WHC and Zealot and yet he has less health.

In real life, wearing armor protects you better than regular clothes from damage…

Oh yeah I agree, visually speaking it doesn’t make sense, and as long as armor/outfits are purely cosmetic it will never make sense.
It’s like Bardin eating brushes and candles. Makes no sense, but we don’t question it. That’s just the way it is.

It’s also possible that every career actually has an outfit matching their health pool in a way that makes perfect sense, and the outfits we see in the game are just illusions the heroes requested from Olesya.

Lol, it took me a while to get that (I use the shark hat after all)

@SirKruber If it’s any consolation, the arm is probably quite delicate, it’s got pistons and everything, it’s to fight the weight of the crank gun, not for protection. The rest of the armor is ok, but it’s no gromril. To me at least, it makes sense that it should have the same health as RV, then.
Also, the talent for 25% DR is because of modifications to the armor - which by the progressive way of the buff also seem to suggest cogs and moving parts :slight_smile:

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