Help me rate my weapon?

I’m not so good at this game yet, but this weapon seems pretty good to me?

Godroll. Gratz. I usually like unarmored and flak armored for perks, since that’s 95% of enemies, only ones in more are maulers and crushers, but going for those on your perks is an equally valid plan.

Another really good option, if it’s an option, is crit chance, especially on a zealot who needs them for the 70% reduction in the first column of feats.


good blessings, questionable perks, good damage/finesse modifiers, kinda sad mobility isnt higher or pen. I rate a solid 8.5/10

I have a feeling that the blessings work well together, but I’m not sure how good bleed is in the game

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Very strong on a zealot. +carapace is useless. Reroll it to unarmored, infested, maniac, or maybe flak.

I don’t think its possible to call 350 modifiers a godroll tbh. OP hasnt completed the shopping simulator quite yet but its a good effort.

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Yeah but it’s a dagger you could roll zero and have epic dodges. Pen would be good higher though.

I have nothing above 335-345 in the shop or with weekly rewards…

For me, his knife is almost a cheat…

I rate it 3 free introductory taekwondo classes

First target/Pen could obviously be higher but other than that its pretty impressive. Not sure if Carapace perk roll is the best would personally probably go for flak but you should test it in meatgrinder to figure it out.

OP, you are truly blessed. You got it. The creme de la creme. The cake with cherry on top. Absolutely amazing that thing.

Wouldn’t you want one bleed effect coupled with the bleed dmg modifier?

Mercy Killer

+20-50% Weak Spot Damage (Enemies with Bleed Stacks).

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Its a good one, but by far NOT a god-roll.
For a god-roll there must be:

The MODIFIER-rating at 380.
The PERK-rating 50 (every respective Perk needs 4 dots).
The BLESSING-rating 100 (every Blessing need 4 “spikes”, instead of the 3 “spikes” you have).

I have attached a “near-god” roll, where my numbers come from. As you can see, the RAMPAGE-Blessing has got only 2 spikes, that means I am missing 10 points out there. And 1 point at the modifiers rating (379 <380).

Sum it up: God-Roll in just numbers would be 530.

I advice to start crafting weapons ONLY if the modifier numbers is high enough (for me: more then 365) AND if at least one Blessing and one Perk are maxed out. As said, I only refer to numbers - it might be a god-roll, but still worth a Sh** in terms of usage (shitty blessings etc.).

Its not just stat weight you also want useful blessings and perks if you want to call it a god roll imo.

I think for instance with your sword you need brutal momentum and power cycler.

I said numerous times in my post that I am refering to numbers, as that is what people call “god-roll”, as it is where you can get the most out of your item. Even in my last sentence I made the numbers-only-reference. But yes.

Pretty good base rolls, questionable perk choice, mid to meh tier blessings (due to not being high tier).

Lets hope its on your Zealot. But keep it for when e get Inventory share, hopefully…