Helborgs tutelage and smite (zealot talent) dont proc crit on 5th swing

worked prior to patch 8, at least as far as i remember. but as it is now, youll never get the guaranteed crit, nor any random crits in a run which gets real annoying real quick.


Came here to report the same bug. Here’s a video of it in action: https://youtu.be/_jiy5DE2fF4

Same issue on my and 2 other people’s game with both Krub and Zealot

Yes, it does not work

It does not work for me also. The hit counter counts up to 4, then at the 5th hit the counter disappears but does not apply the guaranteed crit buff - at this point the counter starts over and will count up to 4 again.

Just came to report the same.

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