Helbore Lasgun Input Not Registering

Issue Description:
Sometimes when lmb is clicked too fast in conjunction with rmb the lmb input will not be registered and must be clicked again despite lmb being held down the whole time.
Clicking both lmb and rmb button at the same time will work sometimes and more often than quickly clicking both in succession (Regardless of button order).
Sometimes when rmb is held down lmb will not register.
This happens most if not exclusively with the brown variant of helbore. Only discovered this issue when switching from the green variant to the brown to try it out.
Mouse is a logitech g pro wireless and I have had 0 issues with the inputs in any other game or over the course of using the mouse.

Steps to Reproduce:
Click lmb and rmb together in quick succession.


Player ID:

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:

Reproduction Rate:
Unusual (<25%)
But with how often a veteran uses ads in a match it becomes quite common, ~5-10 times a match.

Upload Supporting Evidence:

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I think I noticed something similar when using a power: QoL changes: Helbore Lasgun

I noticed this occured consistently after charging then using executioners stance. Maybe it’s a lockout after any action interrupts another?

A lockout seems likely, for such a fast paced game the harder you get I wonder what the point of a lockout is.

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