Heat spikes

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Issue Description:
heating spikes. 50°-82°
122°F- 179.6°F
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  1. set all settings to low
  2. play game
  3. watch heat gage.
    if keeping same settings which is low all down to minimal with 1440X900 resolution.
    you will be seeing these heat spikes. this is happening more often since the last patch.

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Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
24/11/22 AEST
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Note that heating is more of a cooling problem than a game issue. You’ll need to adjust your fan curves if you’re not comfortable with specific temperatures.

it a game issues as there nothing wrong with the Cooling systems, there should be a constant variation in tempure based game to game. there should be a consistant settings.

Note different games will stress a card in different ways. The temperature of your card is controlled by your cooling system not by the game. If you don’t like a particular temp your GPU is at, then you need to adjust your fan curve to stay at or below a particular temperature, so the fan will ramp up once the GPU to cool more once it hits a particular temperature