Having to create a forum account to report bugs and issues

Had crashing issues at the end of a perfect run for On Overwatch as the Veteran - didn’t seem to count as I got a D/C after already activating the final elevator - ignoring the fact this is one of the most absurd penances that’s almost not even impossible, the creator of this should be immediately fired. Was about 90% through a second no-melee-hit run and had it fail due to major lag issues in a new map… so that was fun… I want to love this game… but some of these Penances are so ridiculous.

Had a Scripture that couldn’t be picked up despite everyone being able to tag it, see it, and physically reach it on a shelf - no option to pick it up.

Lastly, it’s pretty ridiculous you can’t report bugs from in-game and use your account for it, that you have to go to a forum and create an account to report.