Have a moment to spare? We’d appreciate the help!

We’d like to ask you, as cherished members of our community, to help fill out a survey on user research. The survey is anonymous and takes about 15 minutes to complete. We are partnering with a third party named Grove Innovation to conduct this research.

We’re also doing a shorter 2-3 minute screening survey to look for potential candidates willing to participate in 1:1 interviews. Those who qualify will receive an Amazon gift card valued at $50.


That is hilarious.


I would call it inclusive.

What’s somewhat hilarious is taking the time to complete the survey just to be stopped on the last question because it forces you to pick three alternatives, by picking a Most influential and 2nd most influential, without a third option.

Best avoid the survey until that part is fixed :+1:

There was something wrong? I picked 3 options according to the levels… You mean it is possible to proceed while picking only two options?

Question 43 (for me) was the last one and wanted me to pick three options, but I was only allowed to pick two.

Edit: It’s about how you prefer to get information about games.

I hate the question about renting the game, don’t do this mean move you’re not EA


Who the hell buys refrigerators and phones once per week :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


At least, phones I can understand.

On mobile? Maybe the other was off screen to the right

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On mobile yes. I tried adjusting my screen focus a few times but it wouldn’t work. Tried it again now and it did work so I guess that’s solved. :ghost: spooky :ghost:

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Don’t judge my hobbies! D:


What I don’t like about this question is: I don’t care about any of these except friends/family and there is no way to express this opinion.


There no option for Genevieve Dieudonné, but don’t worry, I still managed to work it into one of the questions.


Doing Sigmar’s work.


“Made by the developers of Vermintide”


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So this is still going, huh? Somehow, I don’t have the nerve to do the second survey.
Does the first survey always ask about Darktide, or only if you gave the fitting answers?

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