Has there been any comment on why there are only 2 locations atm?

Have the developers said anything that I have missed on why there are only two instead of 4 locations available at the moment?

Habzone HL-18-66
Transit Hub HL-16-11

these are the only two locations I have seen since this early access started

We had more and then they were removed. Every single countdown leads to the same maps being played. It’s incredibly frustrating. It’s also incredibly frustrating seeing content creators had access to the full game and are publishing videos that are completely different from our experience.

There was another one that was unintentional on the first day of the pre-order beta which was sandy. I wouldn’t worry too much, we literally have 8 days left until the full game is out.

The whole purpose of this period is to test stuff out and find bugs and issues.

I mean, that was also the point of the closed beta that also only had two maps? Gameplay, stability and balancing comes first usually. I doubt there’d be a game breaking map bug like, “Oh no, this one part of the map blocks all progression.”

What’re you gonna do, beta test the whole game?

Im pretty sure that is the intention of this so called beta. thats what Fatshark said anyway

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Seriously though letting us run through the maps would help for launch because at least an update for any issues would come quicker than having to rely on info launch day players.

I think the dev’s know best what to test when. The decision shouldn’t be based on map curiosity.

From ‘what to expect from the pre-order beta week 1’

4 changing missions across 4 zones

we got 2 zones. That is what this thread is asking. what happened to the other two?

Dust (which we had and then lost.)
One other I think?

A few things might be going on:

-Dust may not have been intended to be playable.
-The maps that aren’t showing up had optimization issues or major exploits discovered with them.
-The maps that we have they want more data on so they removed additional maps to get more data on them, faster.
-They’re woefully behind playing crash and networking problem whack-a-mole.
-All of the above.

I just wish they would update us instead of leaving us to guess why they are missing.

All your ideas are reasonable but who knows if any of them are true

From someone in software development…

Sometimes the wiser move is to just keep your mouth shut about the internal problems that are going on.

Hmm, I’m not so sure about that one. They did say that they wanted to keep the 5th zone secret until launch. So that means that they wouldn’t have allowed content creator to play it or publish video on it.

Or whatever a dev says will be picked apart and turned toxic by many.

while I understand the sentiment. One shouldn’t complain about people getting the wrong idea and going on rants about things missing or not working if your not willing to share the details

Because its a pre launch Beta. Did you not read any of the information before buying? Its in the Announcements and News on Steam.

who are you reply to? your comment makes no sense in context. as it is the pre-launch beta ‘what to expect’ that led to this question