Hardcore gamemode with a full guardsman party?

It seems since the original trailer for Darktide a lot of people got excited for the prospect of facing the terrors of the 40k universe as a squad of regular old run of the mill guardsmen.

While the revealed cast does seem interesting, it is evidently not for everyone and introducing a seperate gamemode where you play as a regular guardsman would likely make a lot of people who were hyped by the prospect of the initial trailer very happy.

So for the characters my idea would be for each player to creates their own customizable guardsmen(gender/appearance/voice) who can fill 4-5 different classes and would perhaps be more restricted in their loadouts and not be as powerful as the main cast overall.( If the customization aspect proves to awkward to implement could also just use the recon squad from the original trailer.)

Here’s a few of my ideas on how the mode would be different from the main game.

1)Each player can only be revived once instead of the typical 3 times without medical

  1. The guard do less damage in melee compared to the main cast with less ability to cleave multiple melee assailants.

3 They are restricted to mostly standard issue guard equipment(lasguns, flamers, grenade launcers, plasma guns etc.)

  1. They take extra damage from elite enemies such as chaos warriors and deal less damage unless concentrating fire.

  2. unique skill tree that allows the guard to shore up a few of their weaknesses based on their class but will not be as versatile as the main class(etc a tanky class could potentially unlock the typical 3 revives for themselves but would still be more vunerable to elite enemies and still maintain the other weaknesses of the guard etc)

Not only would many players get to play the characters they want to play, it would also allow for a completely different experience from the base campaign typically requiring a lot more coordination/cooperation to succeed while also offering a greater challenge to veterans who’ve mastered the base game. thoughts?


Just wait for Mods

There already mods that increase the difficulty of the game and there is one for duplicate character

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Wouldn’t exactly be ideal since everyone would use the same voiceclips and models but I suppose that could be a way to go for the guardsman experience regardless if a mode like this was implemented or not.

I would first just wait and see if there is any other character(s) coming.

We could get a skitarii and/or an imperial guard focusing on close combat (like a catachan).

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As long as it comes with an in game match making system or bots, i’m OK with any new mode. Fatshark just need to stop pretending that everyone plays in a pre-made team when they make their design decisions.

I saw a summary of the PC gamer article that implied that parties will have to split up in Darktide to accomplish certain tasks. How’s that gonna work if you are a 1 or 2 player team with bots? Will bots even be in Darktide?

Judging by previous games by Fatshark, bots and in game matchmaking are both very likely to be included, although truth be told playing solo would likely be easier in the main campaign compared to my proposed gamemode since it is supposed to be more difficult requiring more coordination than the standard campaign.

I agree.

While having the option to play the irregular cast, I really don’t want to have to fight over who gets to play as the guardsmen.

When I watched the trailer with my friends, someone asked: “who do you want to play” and every single one of us said stormtrooper

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Yeah gamemode wher oyu can play the same Class multiple times. That would be neat. However i dont think it would make the Game easier. Since the Mix of the group like in V2 makes the Team stronger noit weaker. So having the same Guy 4 times would make it harder probably.

Yeah, still dreamiong about a 4 times Dwarf Group playing together. Now that we actually have 4 Dwarf Careers its even sader…

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