[HANDMAIDEN] Ult is boring, not fun, and useless

Handmaiden’s ult/career skill is incredibly underwhelming and not fun to use. PLEASE for the love of God rework it it a significant way. It borders on useless.

The bleed damage it does is absolutely garbage, the option for two seconds of invisibility is completely useless / doesn’t make sense with the career’s design philosophy, and the increased crit chance option is so underwhelming it’s insane.

It’s an incredibly boring, unsatisfying, and in many ways useless career skill. Especially when compared to Waystalker or Shade it makes playing Handmaiden feel like she doesn’t have a career skill/ult at all, and is nowhere near as usefull as Waystalker or Shade.

So sad that such a cool looking career and interesting concept is squandered like this. Even Kruber’s base career skill is light years more fun and useful than Handmaiden’s garbage ult.

PLEASE don’t let this career continue to languish like this…

Thank you for everything you all do regardless of this negative feedback. (devs & community modders)


Quick cooldown traversal that can make you invisible for 2 seconds, boost your crit rate by 25% or put a DoT on an entire horde is useless? lmao


Agreed, it´s one of the more useful talents IMO.

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Want to see it with different eyes?

Get bladedancer and spam the crap (s*it is banned, really?) out of that ult, it has no cooldown anyway. When you see half a wave go down to the bleed you start thinking differently.

Bear in mind, power from pain might be stronger, but it’s not as visual.

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The DOT is so low it’s practiccally non-existent, it’s been tested and revealed to be thus.

Invisibility for 2 seconds is not enough to achieve anything except escape from a situation where you have no escape, which means you’re playing poorly as Handmaiden anyway.

Increased crit chance is nice but INCREDIBLY underwhelming when compared to how much fun and how useful other ults are.

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I’m sorry but you’re sorely mistaken if you think that baldedancer does anything at all.

Take a look at this thread for proof.

TLDR here is the video proof.

It’s literally inconsequential.


Free special snipe, Free revive, unhindered damage output. I could go on but the stealth is far from being useless.


I agree with the core idea that the design is flawed.

But the strengths the lvl 35 talents bring to that ult are undeniable.

But yeah. Naked Ult isn’t worth anything except the mobility


Free special snipe:
You are forced to reposition before being able to take advantage of this effect. Not to mention that a two second window to snipe a special without attracting aggro is about as boring an ult I can think of.

Free revive:
You already block while reviving by default so you don’t need this, and if you are invisible while reviving then enemies target your downed target instead, making it all pointless. Also, once again you’re forced to reposition so if you happen to be playing correctly as a cohesive unit then again it’s an ability that fights against itself.

Unhindered damage output:
Depending on weapon choice, getting in one or two hits without attracting aggro is not only useless but also incredibly underwhelming as an ultimate.

TLDR: You’re pointing out technicalities when viewed through a very limited prism of “it’s not useless, it provides ‘x’ effect”. This is a Warhammer fantasy video game, and both thematically and functionally in terms of fun, balance and design, this ultimate is incredibly poorly designed.

Well dash cancelling is a thing so reposition is really not a requirement but oh well. Also sure i give it might be “boring” interaction but it sure is powerful to be able to safely remove something like blightstormer in tough spot.
We were also discussing about the fact that it was “useless” not how boring the interaction itself is.

For general reviving sure, if you are followed by 2 hooks and assassin? well i surely would love that 2 seconds timing to get that safe revive off. You could also throw in situations like bosses cockblocking your revive and so on in which the 2 seconds does help you to revive more consistently and safely, something not many other careers can really do.
Obviously in perfect play none of this matters but i do this often enough in quickplay pugs in cata to notice it.

So killing of packmaster middle of a horde without interruption, finishing off couple stormvermins or chaos warrior maybe is useless? Sry but i simply have to disagree here.

Sure in terms of ultimate’s overall design yes i agree it might be bland and uninspired. However you are trying to make it sound like it has 0 uses and that literally everyone can do the things handmaiden can with the stealth talent which is simply incorrect


I understand and respect your opinions and the uses you’ve found for it. Obviously my desire to see this ult become more fun and interesting colored my original description of it being “useless”. Obviously I agree with you, it’s not technically useless, it just feels completely underpowered, bland and uninspired, just like you said.

Cheers, thanks for your insights. And nice job running cats, I find it too annoying on that difficulty level.


imo, the bleed should be default, and bladedancer should increase its damage and allow it to work on armored units.


And you are sorely mistaken if you think it’s still bugged, try by yourself instead of linking a year old video.

Bladedancer does kill.


Not saying the ult can’t be improved but I really don’t think you’re giving it credit for how good it is. The mobility combined with 2 seconds of invisibility has incredible utility, and with her passive stamina and dodge bonuses there’s almost no class in the game i’d rather be last man standing as than handmaiden. She can jump gaps you otherwise wouldn’t be able to, put massive distance between herself and enemies (travel distance + 2 seconds of movement with no pursuit), drop aggro and pick off disablers, extremely safe revives (you can use F abilities while reviving, so she can start a revive and then dash away), etc. If you don’t want that, then the 25% extra crit for 15 seconds is nothing to sneeze at, you can easily regenerate the dash in that time frame during a horde so it’s effective +25% extra crit during hordes. 25% extra crit itself is alot, but combined with the fact that elf weapons tend to have crit bonuses it can get absurd, such as stacking up to 65% or even 70% extra crit on the greatsword (5% base, 20% bonus to light attacks or 25% bonus on the push attack, 25% from dash, 5% weapon property, 5% trinket property, 5% talent).

Again, i’m pretty much always in favor of buffs for everything, but her dash is not bad.

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A little surprised they replaced the cleave ult with crit again.

Eh, might as well enjoy that 55% crit chance on elf greatsword build while it lasts.


What kind of monster would do such a thing?

Yeah i think it’s really a powerful ability too. A Repositioning tool is the best thing to have in this game. Handmaiden is the queen of saving runs in my opinion. She does things no other hero could pull off as last hero standing and her ability is one of the reasons why she does this so well

Try pyromancer for some time, than you know what a bad ultimate looks like

I agree with the ‘not fun’ aspect. I’d like to see every career have an ult option that gives a super-hero experience, a high impact / high damage experience beyond a stat boost.

However, I think high level players agree that Handmaiden’s ult/cooldown gives her among the best survivability of any class. Her value shines in extremely hard game modes. I completed several high level weaves with Handmaiden, including weave 120; chosen because of her ult with invis.

It’s strong if you’re solo, but really not that amazing otherwise, outside a few objectives. If you’re in a good spot with your team why would you ever want to just dash away from them into the middle of a horde?

She can clutch super well, but frankly that stuff just borders on cheesing maps and isn’t really worth talking about. Holding block and dodging/dashing through literally everything isn’t really much value or very healthy play.


Yeah thats true (but don’t underestimate the abilityto kill a special with the 2sec invisibillity).

The thing is i mostly play with randoms, so i like that clutch potential. And since there are so many dash/invisibillity abillitys already in this game it’s nice to have one too, because randoms. ^^
I remember this one time when i was a pyromancer and my team was a shade, ranger dwarf and huntsman. It was freaking annoying if you suddently get all the aggro because your whole team is invisible. Was really hard to not get surrounded, this time i really wished so hard that i had a dash. But yea this is the possible worst scenario you can get

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