Handmaiden reintroduced crit ult talent doesn't seem to work

When dashing through 5 enemies my crit chance seems to be the same.


Can confirm. I get the buff stacks but they don’t seem to increase my crit chance.

Shortbow with 70 Max ammo, Scrounger, 20% crit and Power from Pain at 5 Stacks should become ammo positive with Scrounger (45% crit chance, restores 4 shots per crit) but it doesn’t happen. Also at 45% crit chance I should crit with about half my shots but it’s clearly not the case.

Tested as a host.

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probably the pseudo-random crit distribution affecting that

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Yep, I thought about it, but in this case it’s still a bug – pseudo random crit distribution should not change the total percentage of crits (if the total amount of shots is high enough).

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