HANDMAIDEN - nice changes, but not enough

There are some fantastic changes, like the reworked passive or the “power/attack speed after a push” talent… but we need more work.

Example: power/attack speed after a push is great… while, the other talents on this level, are a worse choice… both because they are simply weaker and because all three those talents do the same thing: add some dps. I would like to see more variety… like some defensive talents: +10% damage reduction after a push or “pushed” enemies take more damage.

Please: with Heart of Oak, let us reach 180hp. 173hp is something that makes me feel pain.

Gift of Ladrielle should be buffed to 3 seconds.
Bladedancer: I would buff its damage a little…
Power from Pain: I would give it “more solid” bonus, like more power and stagger.

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Bladedancer doesn’t need more damage, really. It needs to be able to affect armored/shielded targets.


agree with the premise there; not much competition on the row really

Agree with this

but why?


15% power opens up some breakpoints, both on ranged and melee. Certainly has its uses.

Apart from last row (Bladedancer and Power as I mentioned in other thread) I hope for one other change, Focused Spirit (15% power) not being deactivated because of friendly fire. Design of this talent rewards good plays and not taking damage but you don’t actually have any influence on what will your teammates do (looking at you Sienna players). Seems like a QoL change, let me know what you think.


This is a good idea too.

About Bladedancer I prefer what Namazu said: it should damage armored/shielded units.

About Ladrielle I think that 2 seconds are few. Time ago we had 3 seconds + bleed… and now I don’t think that HM is one of the most powerful hero. That “second more” could only help.

About friendly fire, I totally agree… about the rest, I’m not saying you are wrong (for example 15% power can give certain ranged breakpoints)… but I think it’s not enough.

Ladrielle at 3s was pretty dumb, honestly. That much invis that often just made her way too easy to play, and she’s even had boosts to how easy she is to play since.

The career needs to focus on being less cheesy, not more.

A slight increase in it’s radius of effect would also help.

Maybe Handmaiden’s dash could count as a dodge too, or be a bit longer so it’s less awkward to get through large hordes.

I agree that there needs to be better choices, but I’m not sure you can do much to the last row without changing something drastically. I’m personally in favor of making her base ult give 1 second invis at base, with Ladrielle upping it to 3 since she no longer has bleed. just a QoL change to make it useful at levels before 30, and easing up the use of the other two.

I’d like to see something more beneficial added to Focused Spirit since the new Asrai Grace kinda trumps it in ease of use for only 5% power difference. Sure, FS is on indefinitely so long as you don’t get hit, but you don’t lose AG for getting hit and it stays with you until an attack connects making it probably better given the AS buff that comes with it.

A radius increase(maybe 30-50%) wouldn’t go amiss given footknight gets one now. (even if I still wish it wasn’t locked to a talent I’ll never use.)

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While HM feels like a boss in terms of survivability, she’s also pretty lackluster in other regards.
Guess she fits a niche then…

This is true… but I feel that, in this game, a career can’t just survive

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It actually is 15% power after 10 seconds (says so on the talent description in the BBB, can’t recall what it says on live) Taking damage deactivates it, but if you take damage during the 10s it will reactivate after 10s. It’s like Gromril Armour.

It’s good for hitting some range breakpoints. With Dodge damage/range on top, we’re looking at 25% increased range power. It’s weird for a melee focused career.

  • About the Dash, adding invisibility just during the animation, something like 0,5s more or less, could add some quality of life.

  • Blade dancer could have less ticks on the bleed, but more damaging ones, maybe ? I always have the feeling that the bleeding is not visually rewarding, bleeding hordes often dying from the dmg of the other players.

  • power from pain, Meh. Imo it’s too hard to stack max crit in the narrow path of the dash. Maybe something like each attack during x seconds add a stackable crit chance, the crit chance lasts for 10sec after that. Or half CD and half distance, and a guaranteed crit or two after the Dash. Yeah… Just ideas :grin:


How much faster do you want them to die? Blade Dancer only takes about 4 seconds to dish out its complete damage. That is already insanely fast.

In this regard, what is the issue with bleeding horde getting killed by teammates? They still have been weakened by the bleed and made the fast killing possible.

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It’d be really cool if there was a blood spurting effect or similar on bleeding enemies. Would go a long way to make it more visually rewarding.


Thinking about it, the only feedback with bd is the death from the bleed. I guess that’s why I tend to want to see them dying from it. I mean you can’t even really know how many mobs you touched with it…
If the bleed effect is more visual, and/or the death while under bleed effect got special animation, I can live with that.

*replacing the bleed effect with a 1-2s delayed strike on enemies being passed through would look cool af imo, but anime style is not for everyone… :sweat_smile:


To be honest, this is only “insanely fast” in cata+. Even on legend 4 seconds are plenty of time for a full team to wipe a ton of rats.

I don’t mind them balancing only for cata, mind you, but we also have to think most of the playerbase doesn’t play on cata, and some things feel wildly different.

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Not really disagreeing. Below Legend I probably wouldn’t use Blade Dancer. In Legend it is okay and on Cataclysm it is good.

To a certain degree it also works on lower difficulties, especially since due to lower health enemies die faster by bleed. But overall, it is more of a talent which scales with difficulty as it profits from unlimited cleave and shines in high density hordes which is okay for me. We have others of the sort, same for weapons.

Note: 4 s is the Cataclysm value, lower difficulties are obviously faster.
EDIT: Also, the 4 s are the time for marauders, Skaven or Beastmen also die faster

this may be off-topic but what if the 10% power after not getting hit after 10 seconds also gave you dr (damage reduction)but it would only proc after 10 seconds like 10% power so it would help with those stray hits you take but wouldn’t work again until 10 seconds passes, so not only would it mean barkskin wouldn’t stack with it, it would also mean the new block and push talent would be more offensive while the 10% and x% dr would be defensive

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