Hammers and Deeds

I play Iron Dwarf and recently picked up the Thongdrengiaz Karingrund Hammer & Shield.
You would think i would be excited…but for some reason hammers are useless.
Its well documented that Hammers do great damage to plate Armour. They dent in breast plates; crushing rib cages, dent in helmets causing death or unconsciousness…some hammers even have a point on one side to puncher Armour or disarm weapons and shields.
So why in this game based on Warhammer Fantasy, a game with decades of experience do i find myself hitting an armored rat 100 times watching it stagger and take no damage.
Its useless and puts me in a situation where i have a team down i need to revive due to a pack of armored rats or chaos warriors but i cannot kill any of them.
I’ve had to leave it in my inventory and favor an Axe and shield to kill them.

Id be ok with it if you gave the Iron Break something else like holding down the Mouse 1 to do a shield hit, but instead let the shields edge do Armour piercing allowing me to take an Armour rat or chaos warriors head off.
You’re really boxing us into a corner here to use 1 melee weapon combo.

Now that im in Champion / Legend i find i have a heap of deeds i no longer have the need or want to do due to them being from lower difficulties.
Can we have a system in place to trade a couple of them in for a random deed of a higher difficulty.

Just did some testing on the armored dummy to confirm.

Light strike body: 0 damage
Light strike head: 0.75 damage

Heavy strike body: 1.5 damage
Heavy strike head: 2.5 damage

so yeah, pretty damn terrible :frowning:

EDIT: Apparently the regular 1-handed hammer (no shield) heavy attack does 9.25 damage to armor, doesn’t matter head or body. That’s not a ton but quite a bit better…

1h hammers (as well as maces) are anti-crowd/crowd control weapons, dealing decent damage to hordes and staggering even better.
The shielded variants are generally regarded as pretty subpar, while the ones without shield are high tier, due to high AP heavies and better mobility.

Isn’t armor piercing what the Axe and shield has?
Wouldn’t they become redundant weapons?

I suppose that’s a fair point.

they need to amp up the 1st charge attack hammer damage the one with the swipe.

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axe and shield has made hammer and shield redundant.
I get the hammer staggers mobs but axes slice through them, decapitaes and rips through armoured units.
They just need to make armoured units killable with a hammer. Because right now, no one in champion or legend are using them.

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The axe is single target, it’s awful against multiple enemies. The hammer is far better in that regard.
I have seen people use it, although both shield weapons seem to not be very popular, with the 2h hammer or 1h hammer being more common.

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