Halloween Event Map in place of Keep?

Think it went a little bit too far.

It’s almost like there’s an Admiral Mikey situation at Games Workshop and the order kept coming back for MORE SKULLS!

Skullhammer Skullintide II: The Skullening of Skulls Now with a re-designed Skullkeep! (That’s where you can keep your skulls!)

Not Halloween, but an event nonetheless: https://store.steampowered.com/sale/skulls

Same thing was done in VT1 last year, with both decorations and event quests.

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Well I suppose if you dont like it it will be gone in six or so days.

ahhh ok so it is an event theme. now it all makes sense. I didn’t play VT1 yet last time this happened. I saw the sale but didn’t realize that some of the games were themed for it, I just thought they were getting some update packs for the sale.

it’s pretty cool.

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