Halberd new combo changes, thoughts

I’m gonna be honest, after playing today with halberd i think the combo changes are not a good thing.

Adding tank to heavy sweep is a good change and i’m not against that.

It’s making light sweep, heavy sweap so easy + the heavy stab as first one makes it the just good at everything. I can just light heavy any type of hordes, i have access to a heavy single target stab without spending any stamina or using another attack first. Before i could do everything with halberd, but it required some effort. For example: cancelling lights for trash hordes; push attacking for armored/single; push attack into heavy stab; when a mixed horde came you had to actually clear out the elites first, had to spend resources (stam) for armor dps. Now it’s just easier and better at everything: mixed hordes just light heavy; single armor enemy, just start with heavy stab (also easier to pick out elites inside hordes, abit like spear); trash hordes the best is probably still light sweep cancel. The weapon just feels too good at everything right now without spending anything or having a disadvantage.

Also the new combo changes are hurting my brain, so i might of made mistakes here, as i’m writing this on my phone.

Tell me your thoughts on the combo changes.

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didn’t find the light-heavy sweep to be riskier?

Edit: also I’m intrigued to see critique of the halberd because I’ve not yet seen any negative feedback on it until now :sweat_smile:

I freakin’ love the new halberd, it’s renewed my deep and passionate love for it.


Yes that combo is riskier, that’s true. It’s less risky then it was before i find personally. But this might also be the reason of tank modifier on heavy, i’m not entirly sure.

Also i’m still adjusting to the combo changes, so i’m still making some mistakes, gotta keep that in mind.


Yes the changes are great, and they feel more fluid. I’m just thinking it might be ‘too easy and fluid’. Tryna gather some opinions and discussion.

Edit: before some might of seen the combo’s of halberd ‘tedious’ but i thought they were fun and also added some balance to the weapon.


as an fyi it may also be possible I made the animations of the sweeps ~5-10% too fast

I didn’t notice that, it might be a bit faster or i’m just imagining things. The only thing i’m focussing on right now with the heavy sweeps is the great tank modifier :), a really good change, just the combo’s i’m mostly a bit unsure about.

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I don’t think it’s too powerful or easy; the reworked combos are just as diverse as the old ones, they are just a bit more useful now, so it is a buff, for sure, just buffed to a more pleasant level and in a most wholesome way. IMO. The halberd change is perhaps my favourite of all the changes.


How do you feel about the heavy stab being first? Not being ‘locked’ behind an attack or push use?

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The combos should increase the skill ceiling a little bit whilst rewarding those who display the appropriate prowess

also looking at my old code I don’t think the animation speeds should be changed but it’s something someone had mentioned to me so idk.

My rationale for the changes were to make the weapon more engaging and have “something for everyone” to enjoy. It’s definitely a buff but I don’t think it’s a buff that’s unwarranted. As for the heavy stab: most people generally didn’t use it before this beta instead opting to just push attack->L3 for single targets


Yea the heavy stab wasn’t used most of the time as the push attack>l3, like you said, was faster and better, the difference was that you had to spend stamina, which meant you couldn’t push as much etc. The stab was still used when you didnt’ have alot of stamina, or needed the stam to push a bit. So you could either use 2stam and do the ‘optimal choice’, use 1 stam and do the ‘less optimal choice’ or even use light on trash and go into heavy stab.

I personally think the halberd with tank modifier on heavy sweep and dodge range set to 0 with the old combo’s, would be in a perfect spot and still a very strong weapon.

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I think you’re probably correct here. For me, at least, I’d still never play it like that, because frankly it felt dull and janky to use to me.

New Halberd, to me, now feels like a valid, but not at all overwhelming choice, that I’ll now actually enjoy using, but by no means use more than a lot of the other options (sword and mace actually feels good now too, and I always wanted to like that weapon too).


yeah the only problem I have with that is it would be a lot less engaging and interesting to use which eliminates the whole point of the changes in the first place in my eyes :sweat_smile:

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Don’t get me wrong, the halberd still has alot of fun combo’s to use. The combo changes aren’t op by any means, i was just wondering if anyone thought they might be strong now due to having acces to single/horde/mixed horde combo with less or even zero stam cost. As every combo is more accesible and now it’s a bit better at everything, which isn’t necessarilly a bad thing as it makes the weapon feel more fluid and less janky.

The only issue i had with it before was dodge (which is counteracted by having the dodge talent on merc, fk had charge so it was not as bad to have negative dodge), and heavy sweep being useless and having trouble keeping paced strikes up. The combo changes weren’t necesarry for me.
On the other hand, if the new combo changes make players use it more and find it less janky, then i’m fine with that as it feels very good to use now.

@Incandescent could it theoritically be possible to still keep the light sweep>heavy sweep combo without having the first heavy be the stab?

possible for sure, but it’d require a lot more work than the 4 hours I’d already put in to get it to where it is currently and I don’t see what purpose doing so would serve

I don’t think halberd is too strong now by any means; it’s probs longsword level. It’s still relatively immobile, takes some skill to get the maximum power out of it (and also master the new movesets) and the actual damage per swing aren’t any different from what they used to be, the damage is just more (and rightly so imo) accessible now. This is definitely partly bias on my end but I wouldn’t want the halberd changes adjusted at all.

Another thing to consider is it’s still less defensive than Spear, 2h Hammer etc. due to the relatively low stagger values on the sweeps


I’ll play some more, to get used to the moveset again and i’ll report again on this thread if anything else comes to mind.

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Fair enough,

Also I’d recommend trying it on Foot Knight and Huntsman for the most part, Mercenary may push it over the edge maybe (I don’t think it does but for the sake of argument) but that’s more a Merc problem than a halberd problem :sweat_smile:


Also, does halberd H2 actually cleave elites? I tested it on dummies and it didn’t work, and currently I’m away from home so can’t check either.

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I find it way to dangerouse to use the heavy charged sweap when dealing with hordes, i never can tell if it is going to stagger enough my targets so i prefer to stick to light 1 spam resert or simply spamming the regular light attack paterne (while aiming for the head).

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in the mod it does, dunno if that carried over

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