Halberd Heavy Sweep missing Armor cleave

Heavy Linesman was added to the halberd heavy sweep. In the mod it was added in addition to making it cleave armor.

Heavy Linesman doesn’t make any sense without armor cleaving. Without it gives the same benefit as regular linesman.

Either the heavy sweep should have just linesman and not cleave through armor (In my opinion it would make it obsolete like it was before) or make it cleave through armor like in the original mod.

The Axe & Falchion has the inversed issue that the push attack was nerfed to linesman. But it didn’t change the armor cleave and it can still cleave through armor, though in practice the mass doesn’t allow it without big power boosts.


If I’m not mistaken it was given tank in the beta instead of heavy linesman. Similar effect, though in theory I thought tank reduced the mass of armoured enemies a bit (CWs excluded). Haven’t tried it yet in the beta. I take it it can’t cleave a SV or two?

If not, having tank might actually be worse than having linesman, since it’s worse for infantry, which would be the main use if it can’t cleave armour at all.

Does not seem to be the case

https://imgur.com/AQVVQB7 <- Push attack
https://imgur.com/ZCxsTrg <- Halberd

Heavy Linesman added to Heavy Sweep (H2) Armory mod will not reflect the change in heavy attack order

It is Heavy Linesman.

The issue that is causing confusion here, is that the mass modifiers don’t mean anything on the armor cleave ability. The armor cleave is a separate thing in the code that they forgot to add.

You probably forgot the weapon rebalance mod on on the modded realm.

The halberd doesn’t cleave even with merc, 10% power from talent and recruit difficulty.
And the A&F push attack DOES cleave on recruit. It doesn’t on cata with no power AS I SAID. But it is still able to with power, unlike other weapons which are hard denied.

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