Hagbane shortbow issue

I don’t know if this is the correct place but I’ve had issues shooting charged hagbane shots for a long time now. I can draw the bow and charge the shot but I can’t fire the arrow. I use a controller the play on PC. Any suggestions?

Edit: Thanks @Flinlock I looked at my controller more closely and realized that there were buttons on the back of it that stop both from activating when one of the triggers is pulled. I don’t know why this is a function. Thank you for helping a fool who has never shot a charged hagbane arrow before.


My guess is that it’s something to do with your controller, which controller do you have? Can you fire charged shots with the other elf bows?


Oddly enough I can fire every other elf bow just fine.

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That is so strange! Apparently your controller just doesn’t like hagbane… so rude.

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