Hack week - for and with the community

Hey, Fatshark devs and forum members.

I’ve had a bit of a division of thought about Vermintide 2 as of late.
To be honest, i was almost commenting a full-on rant on another post about ‘being disillusioned’ in this forum, before stoping in my tracks.
I though to myself:
‘Will this result in anything helpful? Will this help in any way, shape or form or do i just want to rant my heart out and leave the game as so many others have done before me?’

It gladly didn’t take long before i recollected my thoughts and tried to move them in a different, more positive direction. I tried to come up with an idea which would benefit the game and the community, as well as maybe more importantly to you, Fatshark, your company as a whole, and your future games.

I also tried to come up with something that would be a possible resolution to a pet peeve of mine, which would’ve been one of the headlines of my rant:

But way more importantly, this:

The idea I came up with is the title of this post.

An additional hack week, which we know you are doing at least once a year, but this time with a twist (but not less common hopefully). The stuff you will be working on will be chosen by the community. I believe you can come up with a fair voting system to determine which and how many of them are going to be picked.
The ideas the community voted on will then be treated the same way as you treat your own ideas during hack week: the ones you can come up with a possible positive implementation will be integrated into general development. If one of the picks is already in development, you can use the hack week to get more employees to work on it.

I know this is a huge request. Taking a whole week from a year of your company time is no joke, it’s a huge financial investment.
I’m nevertheless of the conviction that this huge investment will be rewarded with overwhelming positive feedback as well as publicity, and result in more sales in general.
This sounds like a sales pitch, it might very well be one.

Further, giving us and yourself this opportunity would be a huge step in staying faithful to your statement:

I truly hope you consider this.

To all on the forum: I hope i can count on your support to get this to the people who need to hear this.
I think i don’t need to explain how impactful this could be. This could result in some of the highest discussed, yet unresolved topics to be resolved or at least be moved forward with a tangible result in sight, a tangible ‘we know they are working on it’.
This is not only meant for Vermintide 2, but for Darktide and even other, further away future titles.

Thank you for taking your time to read through all this, i really hope this will result in something.

Tl;dr: FS pls gib us our own hack week


The issues with V2 are obvious. I would hope that FS are working on them all already - they shouldn’t wait for the community to hold a vote. The things that need fixing are:

  1. Make the crafting and loot system less grindy and RNG based. They already have a ready-made solution for this in the athanor and emporium, but lack the balls to implement it game-wide.

  2. Deeds - make acquiring deeds much easier and give us a deed lobby so we can find other people interested in running deeds.

  3. Just lack of new content - season 3 isn’t worthy of the name “season”. FS just need to devote more resources to creating new maps, careers, modifiers and enemy units/factions.

  4. Better optimization - my FPS took a huge hit with season 2 launch and only seems to get worse with subsequent content additions.

  5. Eliminate tomes and grims and replace them with a more fun and interesting mechanic to increase difficulty/rewards - like Twitch mode or increased localized spawns for destroying/activating a book.

I’d be supportive of new innovations developed in a hack week been integrated into the game if these changes were well thought out and thoroughly tested before implementation so that we don’t get a fiasco similar to the WoM launch; but, FS already seem to be spread too thin. Fix the existing problems, give us more content, and then tinker with the formula.


Man, I like the idea a lot. I don’t think there is a solution to FS’s work flow issues though honestly other than not spreading themselves so thin, which unfortunately seems something they are determined to do at every turn.

If they can’t pump out a patch with halfway accurate patch notes, or fix major bugs that were flagged by the community multiple times months ago, I’m not super convinced a hack week would change much meaningful.

It’d definitely be a positive step for community relations and player involvement though, and I’m all for that.


I got a list of stuff so long I’d call for a hack year instead!

Frankly, I’d be lying if I said that I believe something like that was possible. However, I’ve been known to eat some humble pie on FS’s behalf before, so what do I know? It’s a great idea all around!


I back this idea and I suggest SKINKS.

Okay, I know that won’t happen. How about some new pickups? Barring that, I vote for optimization.

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I can accept that Versus has it’s owen team, but without the honesty and transparency necessary to do it, they will never prove that they can BOTH support V2 AND develop DT at the same time.

They will churn out content for V2 - the 4 other new classes and CW - to grab money, but the underlying problems that weren’t / couldn’t be fixed in the past 2 years, will probably remain.

So we’ll be stuck in a playable-but-less-enjoyable state with V2 and they will release a DT in just as a bad state (or worse?) V2 came out.

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Versus should have been scrapped a long time ago. Even if it comes out, it’s probably going to be another DOA mode complete with a middling playercount unable to support it.

The game won’t be fixed. They had two years to do that and instead, they made dumb modes no one cares about.

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