Grenade and other pickable

What Grenade and Usable would you want to have ?

The easiest are the Normal Grenade and Incendiary (Would prefer a Molotov or as it’s called Burna Bottle) but some grenade in the 40k universe are quite interesting:

Cryo Grenade; Choke Grenade; Cluster Mine; PhotonGrenade/Flashbang; Mindscrambler grenade; Melta bomb; stasis grenade; Vortex Grenade; Xeno Filament; Rad Grenade

There are still unnamed grenade that could be used by FS to create their own

As the Medical stuff (Green potion and pack) I would imagine medical pack and Stimpack

But for the Utility (Potion) I do not really have that many idea, maybe have it be expanded to special equipment, that would include Refractor Field (Protection for a few hit); Combat Drug; Rosarius (Better Refractor field)

That way we have a bigger pool of object than 3 potion