Great Sword (2h Sword)'s swings way too fast. And it makes the Great Sword is not a heavy two hander at all

I think the buff(s) for the weapons should be increasing its damage, cleave, stagger than buffing its swing speed.

Well, swing/thrusting (or whatever like these) speed it self should be fast enough. But the delay between each attack should not be fast like this. It’s like melee weapons having a “Swing Per Minutes” like a gun’s RPM.

Finally it has proper speed.

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Well, I don’t think repeating a swing fast as a 1h swords are not so looking good for a heavy, two handed sword.

The rebalance mod was made before the Longsword was a thing. Might have been a good change back than, but now the GS seems to be inferior in every way. Less dodge range, same count and stamina, same damage on lights and only slightly less on the Longsword heavy, which doesnt change much at all. It still dead cata slaves and ungors in one heavy, while the rest needs more swings. The much easier access and maintainable armor damage of the Longsword tells the rest of the story.

I dont think a simple buff here, or there is what will change that.
The only thing the GS has to speak for it is the much less angled horizontal swings. Its alot easier to actually hit heads.

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At first you are lying by saying the speed is the same. 1h sword light attacks have 0.45, 0.45, 0.61 sec swing speed, 0.503 in average while the greatsword has 0.7s which makes the 1h sword attacks quicker by 39%.
Secondly if you are fighting with a 2 kg greatsword by two hands, the weight is 1kg/ hand which is the same as fencing with a 1kg 1h sword.



The “heavy and slow” meme from DND is all wrong. 2h swords IRL are actually faster then 1h swords. Think about it - not only do you have twice as much strength to swing it, you can spread your hands out for increased leverage, which only magnifies that strength.

IRL 1h swords are 1-2 lbs (less then 1kg). IRL 2h swords are 1.5-3 lbs (up to 1 kg or 1.5kg max). They are not all that heavy at all. The fast nimble blender is actually more realistic.

The traditional “heavy and slow” chop technique is more how you’d use a woodcutter’s axe, not a weapon on the battlefield. Also executioners swords, which are a real thing, and would have been very heavy indeed (3-5 kgs+).

Check out scholagladiatoria on YT, he’s an antique weapon collector and he shows you the old techniques using the actual, still-surviving swords of the day.


Please add a cooldown to attacking with a 2h weapon because i find it unrealistic that kruber can swing for 20 minutes straight without feeling tired.

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realism =/= gameplay, so you know that its completly pointless coming that there is ingame metal big twoheaded hammers that would weight around 40kg

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(in fairness the hammers wouldn’t be that much heavier than a sledgehammer and those are usually 10kgs at most)

In fairness 2hd double axes didn’t exist

Double bitted axes were and are a thing but this is going very off-topic

They made the GS even better at horde slaying… While it remains one of the absolute worst at dealing with armour ^^’

I know, but it’s Warhammer Fantasy.

In lore, it’s a huge and heavy swords that could even dealing with armoured opponent with just a swing it hard.

I dunno, most hammers in game look extremely unwieldy. No way that I could use them, at least. Just look at the Reiksmarshals Leveller.

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