Google Form for Feedback requires I concede access to my privacy information to Fatshark


I could leave it at that because WHAT is the only appropriate answer, I can think of.

If I don’t accept to let you record the feedback to my email and then accept that Fatshark might use my name, email, and others (sorry, just “others”?) personal information according to Fatshark privacy policy (NOT A LINK IN SIGHT) I cannot send you a feedback.

Fatshark, do you even have a legal department over there? Do you even want feedback?

The level of amateur behaviour from your management over the past couple years is INSANE.

Having a privacy policy whenever we collect emails or such is required, and we cannot collect it without your consent. It can be found here: Privacy Policy — Fatshark This should be the same policy you accepted when registering with this forum.

If you do not consent to our Privacy Policy, we cannot collect your response.