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The question should be: “why does he need to be more accessible?”

I don’t like headshotting so i just don’t play him, as i understand it’s that kind of a career. All i play on Huntsman is blunder cuz i can’t aim.

Increasing build variety, sure
Tweaking some talents, sure
Adding a talent which would help with unheadshottable monsters, or occassional misses? Sure, but it doesn’t have to be free headshots, they can implement different things, which could achieve the same thing.


The Ranger Veteran QoL changes were great. However, he needs THP on Kill at level 5 (instead of stagger or healshare) and Smiter at level 15 (instead of bulwark) so he doesn’t get penalized with terrible talent synergy when he picks 1H or 2H axe. I’ve been using THP on multi hit and Enhanced Power for 1H axe and it’s viable on legend but pretty rough on cata.

You could build for every single ranged weapon he has (handgun wasn’t great though), and enough melee options as well. A few talents needed tweaking, but that’s about it.

Handgun is pretty good now with increased cleave, reload speed and ammo (Shot crafter now gains 2 ammo instead of 1)

Can take out most key targets with one body shot. e.g storm vermin and every special aside from wargor.

They managed to implement Hail of Doom into Waystalker’s Blood Shot.
(V1 trait, Each shot with this weapon has a 5.0 - 15.0% chance to split into 2 projectiles.)

Fatshark could do the exact same thing with Huntsman and Skull Cracker as they mentioned it in the patch notes. (V1 trait, When hitting an enemy, there is 5.0 - 15.0% chance that it will count as an automatic headshot, regardless of where it hit.)

For Example: After killing an enemy with a melee attack Kruber’s next ranged attack counts as a headshot.

Put it on the same row as One in the Eye, it’s an accessible option for players that struggle with headshots but forces them into melee as a trade off and sacrifices headshot damage.

Seems to me they could just recombine Longshanks and put body count back in there. That way Sure Shot only exists for that 1 talent. Easiest fix to the mauler issue is to activate/toggle your accumulated Sure Shot with special attack button or something.

I think then he’d be pretty perfect in my mind.


I really really like this idea, gives more special attack uses which are lacking currently.

This patch was a huge surprise, the detailed and extensive write-up about some of the thought processes behind the changes was awesome.

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I don’t know why you are obsessed with crit reset. BH is way stornger than live. Seems you don’t know the breakpoint. I’ll tell you.
Skaven 20%, Monster 10%, crit power 20%, swap buff, assassin.
You can one shot hookrat and warpfire. Also can reach monk’s breakpoint while using assassin which is best for rapier.
Kill mauler with alt fire, berzerker with light attack, CW with ult headshot.
BH on beta is just damn powerful. Especially king of twitch mode.

Seems you just don’t want change except QOL patch. You play beta to return beta to oblivion.

While you’re at it could you say which weapon you’re talking about lol? Also are you accounting for the fact weapon swap buff is (almost certainly unintended) giving twice the benefit currently? Do these break points still work if you assume the talent was working as intended?

It’s about crossbow which is the most strong weapon. And I think that bug is already fixed. This breakpoint can’t kill berzerker with crit bodyshot and i experienced this on official realm game. Of course preparation for breakpoint has done on modded realm before too.

Meaning scavenger dropping on your feet instead of at the killed enemy?

I… don’t know how to feel about that, on one hand, you are 100% sure all the ammo pick ups will be within reach, on the other hand, is VERY unintuitive, why is the dwarf crapping ammo? it’s also more uncomfortable to grab, having to look at your feet constantly, rather than running over the thing you just killed.

May also lead to ammo pick ups being neglected by the team, even when bardin doesn’t need them.

That’s what I thought, which means you’re missing the point. People like inspired shot because it let other ranged weapons keep up with crossbow.

Everyone is sick of the crossbow meta, we don’t think BH is too weak, we just want better build variety, so quoting crossbow breakpoints definitely won’t convince anyone.


Look bud, not everyone wants to use the crossbow. That’s the problem. Every. Single. Other. Option was nerfed when they removed crit reset. They basically said “use crossbow or else”. Also, I went through the patch notes and it is never mentioned the bug was fixed. Sure they could have shadow patched it, but with how many people have brought it up on this forum I doubt that this would be the case. I also don’t see how +15 percent or the bugged +30 percent ranged power is more desirable than a crit. The lowest crit mult is 1.5(I don’t what crossbow’s is) and this can be increased universally against all enemies with crit power. Sure the weapon swap buff lets you store up multiple powered up shots but Crits also has the potential to give other buffs with traits. Maybe crossbow is slightly stronger, but it’s marginal at best. Why does every other weapon need to be weaker just so this talent can exist?



You said making BH worse and i said that’s not true. I of course should think about meta weapon at this point. why not? Thinking about synergy and choosing most powerful weapon are not wrong.

Making every weapon vaible is good idea though. But for now, time ran out. I don’t see other option than roll backing to bring inspired shot again. I like change of BH and don’t like roll backing this. BH is more fun than before. Regardless how powerful he is, I just like playstyle on beta.

Seems only volley crossbow can benefit much because of inspired shot.
RP can’t use inspited shot and BOP has low crit modifier so crit or not doesn’t make that much difference. Swap buff works really well on BOP.

To make all ranged weapon viable, There should be overall rework on BH. Yet, Blessed shot has it’s own mechanism and didn’t change.

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Agreed about BoP when it comes to damage output, less true if you’re talking about ammo sustain.

Who told you RP can’t use Inspired shot? If you’re meming with alt fire then yeah, sure, you use Prize Bounty, but if you’re building it to make the single fire 1 shot specials on Cata with crit, then hell yeah Inspired Shot is good for RP.


A fix I proposed on the other thread

In any case BH is in an awkward place currently, crossbow is still the only real powerhouse weapon he’s got unless you wanna do prize bounty RP alt-fire


Well, actually I think he is worse off without inspired shot. Even Crossbow could use that talent to great extent:

BH: open wounds, Assassin, Inspired Shot, Duty‘s Gift, Double shotted. (THP is up to your preference)
Rapier: 10% chaos, 30% BCR, SS
Crossbow: 20% crit Power, 10% Skaven, Hunter
Necklace: up to you
Charm: 20% crit power, 10% chaos
Trinket: up to you

Inspired shot basically gives you on demand crit. This in return gives you nearly 100% of Hunter and SS(rapiers altfire triggers SS and uses up Blessed Shots for a guaranteed crit).

With this setup Crossbow will crit bodyshot anything except CW and give you free hunter buff vs that armor type for your melee.
Rapier with Hunter:
Oneshot every Hordemob except Gor/Marauder (both 2 Headshots or 1 pistol Head/critshot)
Rapier without Hunter:
1 Headshot for slaverat, fanatic, ungor
2 Headshots/1 pistol Head/crit for clanrat, gor
3 Headshots/1 pistol head/crit and one bodyshot with light.

Ammo isnt a problem. An elite should always be around to kill once you are at your last shot to trigger Duty‘s gift. If you are out of ammo, simply use ult on an elite and you have 9 ammo again.

You have good Headshot Breakpoints, nuke everything with your bow and have near constant SS/Hunter on top.
Thats live right now. Removing Inspired Shot will also affect Crossbow (albeit not as hard as the other guns).
From what I gathered, the BH is supposed to switch between melee and range a lot and Inspired shot really fits perfect for this.

That‘s also why I want it back as a passive on top.

Weapon swap buff is a good talent (even without the double buff it helps a lot with Breakpoints), but its nowwhere near as good as Inspired shot if you ask me.
Maybe weapon swap buff as a passive and giving back Inspired Shot as a talent would be the best for BH overall.


To return to topic:

I actually think large parts of the BBB had a great outcome.
I like the design of many new talents (cloak of mist, Basically the whole FK changes, the Idea behind Bounty Hunting, etc.). But at the same time, a lot seem weird for the intended careers role from a players POV.

For example:
I got the feeling that Handmaiden was supposed to be kind of a Bodyguard/protector. (Stamina aura, better revives) thats why her lvl 30 choices always felt off to me. Two are purely damage oriented and one even shoves your aggro onto your teammates fpr 2 seconds. If the regular ult at least had some stagger vsHorde it would give it a slight defensive aspect for your team.

Maybe It‘s just me misunderstanding the philosophy behind certain careers.
Someone else suggested this and I want to emphasize on it:

For the next BBB I would like FS to give a recap/note on every careers design philosophy. That would greatly help players focus their feedback in the right direction.

With the relatively small timeframe for this big of a scale (on top of probably being a skeleton crew at FS working on it) I think a lot was accomplished and even the reverted stuff can return next time in a polished way.


Off topic sorry, but you reminded me I was thinking about HM’s Ult recently and was toying with an idea. What if instead of a stagger it actually froze enemies in place, without actually interrupting their action (eg SV paused mid overhead) for a very brief duration, I was thinking like 0.5-1 second. Besides just being cool visually it would give it some feeling of impact and help deal with some of the enemies insta aggro 180ing you immediately after the dash, as well as help incentise you to dash along the front edge of a horde (which two of her Ult talents already encourage you to do) to effectively buy your team mates a little time in their combos and help offset invis agro dumping your team.

Dunno, might be more work than its worth, but thought it would make for a unique and fun base effect for HM’s Ult, that I can hardly imagine being overpowered with a short enough duration.


Do you (or any one who think so) mind to explain to me why the bbb hunter was better than the previous one?
Sorry I’m reading what I asked in the entries following yours… :stuck_out_tongue:

It does break immersion a little. Instead of scavenging fallen foes, Bardin drops a pouch.

But I think this is a case of gameplay/quality of life over immersion.

It’s more consistent, if a special dies everybody including Bardin knows where to look, though it might take a little time to adjust. It also means no more out of bound drops and it gives Bardin priority over his own drops which should be the case as it’s his passive.

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