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The patch today was good. Great even. It, to me, proved that you are listening. But please do not release bounty hunter like this. All I want is inspired shot to be restored. I know I’ve been driving this point home constantly the past few days but I just want what’s best for the game. Making bounty hunter worse, though probably not your intention, is not the way to go. Again, I really appreciate todays patch. Even if people seem overly opinionated its because we love this game. keep up the good work guys.


I’m extremely happy with the Quality of life change to RV.


I’m really glad they reverted the core Huntsman changes. It’s also interesting to see Fatsharks view on what certain careers should be like. I think it’d be great if the devs made a statement on all the careers on what they think should be, so that we can all work on the same page and know the direction the devs want to take.


Even though Sure Shot wasn’t well implemented, it made Huntsman an interesting pick for me after not having played him for almost a year.

The more or less complete reversal of most beta changes to Huntsman makes him dead to me, yet again. I’m actually sad, lmao.

What’s wrong with Pre-BBB Huntsman? He is pretty fun, well balanced and free shot still remains so Blunder/Repeater will probably be better picks. ^^


I’m kind of sad Sure Shot was completely removed. I felt like it as a step in the right direction of making Huntsman more accessible. However, it’s probably for the best to not release Huntsman in the state he was. I hope we get a better implementation sooner rather than later.

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Good job filtering all the feedback, it’s not an easy thing to do.

Glad they did dare to rollback alot of the Huntsman changes, instead of holding onto it, unwilling to change their minds.

Rv’s ammo pouch is a great QoL aswell. Finally gonna be able to win the pouch race.


I’ve seen it said elsewhere and I’ve no issue repeating it; Sure Shot, while an interesting change, felt gimmicky. Giving people free headshots, while fun, doesn’t sit right with me personally. Especially with how easily they can be wracked up in a horde.

I’ve always been okay with how inaccessible Huntsman was. It made me feel ten times more awesome loading into a lobby with my Nuln gear from Legend and glowy bow.

He was very rarely picked and many of his talents shoehorned him into a limited number of builds.

He was not bad at all, a top tier character in fact in the right hands, but the dev understandably wanted to make him appealing to more players.

I do agree that more build variety would benefit the character, but the solution needs work and I dont really know what it is.


He was most likely rarely picked because he is competing with Mercenary and now Grail Knight.
Two very strong, appealing careers.

He was extremely strong in the right hands, Fatshark’s goal was to make him more accessible to a wider audience, one approach to that was making headshots easier but by doing so they dumbed down his identity.

The removal of Waste Not, Want Not made build diversity worse and limited the number of possible builds. Every build was coaxed into Conservative Shooter just to stay ammo neutral.

Pre-BBB Huntsman had a lot of room for different traits and talent choices.
Compare that to BH that is typically forced into Scrounger for ammo sustain.

I think you mean Huntsman could do with some specialized talents that change his gameplay loop.
Maybe a talent that rewards him for going into melee or new ult talents that augment his weapons
e.g Bottomless clip ult talent, it would turn Repeater into a gatling for 6 seconds.

One thing that changed from Vermintide 1 was the introduction of careers, these careers are effectively your build diversity for the characters. While talents/traits are another layer to fine tune your playstyle even further.


The question should be: “why does he need to be more accessible?”

I don’t like headshotting so i just don’t play him, as i understand it’s that kind of a career. All i play on Huntsman is blunder cuz i can’t aim.

Increasing build variety, sure
Tweaking some talents, sure
Adding a talent which would help with unheadshottable monsters, or occassional misses? Sure, but it doesn’t have to be free headshots, they can implement different things, which could achieve the same thing.


The Ranger Veteran QoL changes were great. However, he needs THP on Kill at level 5 (instead of stagger or healshare) and Smiter at level 15 (instead of bulwark) so he doesn’t get penalized with terrible talent synergy when he picks 1H or 2H axe. I’ve been using THP on multi hit and Enhanced Power for 1H axe and it’s viable on legend but pretty rough on cata.

You could build for every single ranged weapon he has (handgun wasn’t great though), and enough melee options as well. A few talents needed tweaking, but that’s about it.

Handgun is pretty good now with increased cleave, reload speed and ammo (Shot crafter now gains 2 ammo instead of 1)

Can take out most key targets with one body shot. e.g storm vermin and every special aside from wargor.

They managed to implement Hail of Doom into Waystalker’s Blood Shot.
(V1 trait, Each shot with this weapon has a 5.0 - 15.0% chance to split into 2 projectiles.)

Fatshark could do the exact same thing with Huntsman and Skull Cracker as they mentioned it in the patch notes. (V1 trait, When hitting an enemy, there is 5.0 - 15.0% chance that it will count as an automatic headshot, regardless of where it hit.)

For Example: After killing an enemy with a melee attack Kruber’s next ranged attack counts as a headshot.

Put it on the same row as One in the Eye, it’s an accessible option for players that struggle with headshots but forces them into melee as a trade off and sacrifices headshot damage.

Seems to me they could just recombine Longshanks and put body count back in there. That way Sure Shot only exists for that 1 talent. Easiest fix to the mauler issue is to activate/toggle your accumulated Sure Shot with special attack button or something.

I think then he’d be pretty perfect in my mind.


I really really like this idea, gives more special attack uses which are lacking currently.

This patch was a huge surprise, the detailed and extensive write-up about some of the thought processes behind the changes was awesome.

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I don’t know why you are obsessed with crit reset. BH is way stornger than live. Seems you don’t know the breakpoint. I’ll tell you.
Skaven 20%, Monster 10%, crit power 20%, swap buff, assassin.
You can one shot hookrat and warpfire. Also can reach monk’s breakpoint while using assassin which is best for rapier.
Kill mauler with alt fire, berzerker with light attack, CW with ult headshot.
BH on beta is just damn powerful. Especially king of twitch mode.

Seems you just don’t want change except QOL patch. You play beta to return beta to oblivion.

While you’re at it could you say which weapon you’re talking about lol? Also are you accounting for the fact weapon swap buff is (almost certainly unintended) giving twice the benefit currently? Do these break points still work if you assume the talent was working as intended?

It’s about crossbow which is the most strong weapon. And I think that bug is already fixed. This breakpoint can’t kill berzerker with crit bodyshot and i experienced this on official realm game. Of course preparation for breakpoint has done on modded realm before too.

Meaning scavenger dropping on your feet instead of at the killed enemy?

I… don’t know how to feel about that, on one hand, you are 100% sure all the ammo pick ups will be within reach, on the other hand, is VERY unintuitive, why is the dwarf crapping ammo? it’s also more uncomfortable to grab, having to look at your feet constantly, rather than running over the thing you just killed.

May also lead to ammo pick ups being neglected by the team, even when bardin doesn’t need them.

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