Globadier thermal vision

the globadier can see you while you are invisible with shade
It has happened 3 times


can u describe the situations?

i play shade all the time but globadiers never throw on me during my invis. i normally go out of my way to ult and hunt them down because i don’t want them to throw on my party, and they never detect me.

When he is close to suicide exploding, if you are near him in stealth, he will follow you.
This happened to me yesterday

In their globes, they can see the future. Glabadiers ALWAYS know where you are… also when they spawn off view or behind walls.

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It happened to me while trying to rescue my companions in invi. and the other was shade on my team that was facing a globadier and a sv patrol. He activated his ulti but the globadier was still throwing the poison balls as if he saw it