Glitching into the pedestal for the Spoils of War

When you jump at the pedestal that holds the Vault for the Spoils of War at the center of Tahl Horn’s Keep and swings your weapon you may sometimes glitch into the pedestal. I have only ever been able to do it when my weapon scores a critical strike. It does not happen every time but I’ve been able to reproduce it 15 times. It also does not prevent you from walking out after you glitch into it.

Saltzpire Zealot inside of the Spoils of War pedestal:

You dont need to swing, you can actually just jump and move forward there is few collisions missing and its quite ease to reproduce

funfact on event maps like khorne version you cant do it because there is skull collisions

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Yea, this is a fun bug that’s been around for ages. You can crouch and hid inside the loot box :joy:

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