Give Shade Damage Reduction Talent to Handmaiden

Please move the 20% damage reduction on crit talent from Shade to Handmaiden in some form. Shade already does too much too well, and this is probably another step in getting both careers more in line.

Maybe it can replace the Heart of Oak talent for Handmaiden (15% bonus health), which still does not give enough total health to survive even a single elite overhead on cataclysm. Kind of sad. If she had a 20% damage reduction talent active during an overhead instead, she would survive even with default 125 health.


Nice idea. Makes more sense since it fits HM more as a “frontliner” which Shade definitely isn’t.
IMO needs some other condition than crit - push, dodge, block? You get the idea, already there are talents with conditional apply.


Yes, exactly. There are a lot of good options for play on how to make it an “active” talent.

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There are Shades out there who give up that sweet sweet movespeed?

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15% HP or 15% DR are about the same thing…
Especially now that DR doesn’t straight up stack anymore, HP has become more potent.

Not entirely accurate. With no other DR it’s 144 effective health Vs 156 effective health. Not a heap, but as OP states, enough to make a difference in some scenarios.

If we look at how it differs with barkskin as well, it’s 240 effective health Vs 260 effective health. Even with multiplicative DR the advantage of 20% DR over 15% more health is only more pronounced when stacking with barkskin.

Still, not convinced it’d make that much of a difference. It does seem apt for HM to have some DR option though.

Edit: I should have included 20% health from necklace in the calculation, but it just make DR win even more regardless.

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HM should have some damage reduction, I agree, but the trigger should be another one… Like pushing.

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