Give Dual Swords visual sliding on lights back (like Rapier and S&D lights)

Title. No reason for it not to have it now considering the Sword & Dagger has kept it ever since they added it for both weapons but removed it for the Dual Swords. Just a nice quality of life change to make the weapon feel more fluid to use.

Edit: ok I went back and tried the dual swords again. I was a bit harsh in my judgment of it. disregard my suggestions for it in the section “Old part of post.” I hadn’t used it much since WoM, so my perception of the weapon was skewed. Although I have to admit that the stagger change really hurts its crowd control capabilities vs armored elites considering you can’t stun them anymore with heavies; only a crit headshot will flinch them for a second

Edit edit: actually pretty good with Assassin + Exquisite Huntress Shade, can recommend if you want good horde clear with mobility while having pretty good damage vs armored elites if you headshot them

Old part of post

On a side note, honestly I’d like to see a buff to it’s chaos warrior/armor killing power, considering it is one of, if not the worst CW/armor killing weapon in the game. A suggestion would be to give it a new push attack like they did for Kruber/Saltz Greatsword (or just buff the one it has now again), so it doesn’t gain easy access to armor damage which would blur the horde clear identity of the weapon (of course Handmaiden would be able to, so maybe this isn’t the best option); or they could make heavy 2 do more cw/armor damage, but make it so that you can’t bypass the first heavy. Or something entirely else. I’m down for anything to make this weapon work on Cata (quickplay that is; you could make it work with a premade). The only way I can see it being semi-viable now is running Piercing Shot Waystalker with longbow for killing armored elites and Piercing Shot for CWs (implying you don’t miss which is very easy to do mid combat) and Shade with Cruelty + Assassin and Cloak of Pain to kill 2 CWs (but of course you need to wait 60 seconds to do anything meaningful to them after that).

Edit: forgot to clarify which greatsword in first suggestion

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I mean in my eyes dual swords is a horde clearing option. So i don’t agree with your suggestion to add those things to it.

It’s a bit like falchion / axe and axe+falchion. Falchion is the horde option, axe is the armor, single target and axe&falch is a combination.


the heavies have Armour sliding

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Except Falchion got buffed with a single target armor option that you have easy access to (of course Falchion isn’t nearly as good as Dual Swords versus hordes). I’m not asking for it to be as strong versus armor as S&D, obviously then no one would pick S&D anymore if they did that. Something along the lines of the Dual Hammers’ heavy sweeps would be ok with a higher finesse multiplier ofc, considering it’s 2 swords (of course not the stagger, just the damage to armor).

Heavy sweeps doing armor damage is fine, it’s that way currently isn’t it? But adding it on lights, this is what i don’t agree with.

Yeah, but S&D has the armor sliding (same with the Rapier, slides off armor/shields without bouncing off the armor) that they added way back in the first BBB I think along with the Dual Swords, but at the time Dual Swords with armor sliding was considered too strong (only Legend existed then ofc) with them being able to easily stagger multiple armored elites coming from the extra crit it used to have on each of its lights so they removed the armor sliding from them and nerfed the crit chance on lights.

Armor sliding doesn’t mean it would damage armor with lights, lol

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I was confused by your op then. You are talking about elite killing power, armor damage, so i thought you wanted armor damage on lights.

Still i don’t think lights should have armor sliding.

I missread it.

Armor sliding is just a visual/audio feedback change, not really a gameplay one. Think of the Rapier and how it interacts with armor when you use light attacks. You’re only ‘sliding’ off of the armor of a single target, which is the effect that I am asking that Fatshark give the Dual Swords back, since they had it in the first ever BBB.

Edit: Sword & Dagger has kept this effect since the first BBB while Dual Swords had it removed (explained in my reply to incandescent)

Yes i know, i just confused parts from your op.

Then why shouldn’t the Dual Swords’ light attacks slide off of armor like the Sword & Dagger? Why would that be wrong? Again, Fatshark initially added this effect to both of them so they may as well get them back since the game is in a VERY different state now than it was since the first BBB.

Bit misleading of a name considering that armor sliding is an actual property of being able to cleave past armor. It seems you’re asking for there not to be as pronounced of a “stop” animation upon hitting armor.


Ah sorry; maybe I should’ve checked the archived 1st BBB to check Fatshark’s actual wording of the visual armor slide effect when they added it to the Dual Swords/S&D

ok yeah that explains my initial confusion then

Honestly when I think of being able to hit multiple armored targets, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘armor cleave’ instead of ‘armor slide’ so that’s my bad

Well with Waystalker you have ranged options and of course shade can still take care of them but with Handmaiden I like to take the extra crit chance and get PvC on everything. Not amazing but with the mobility it offers even if you’re the last player standing you’ll eventually get through em with enough heavy crit attacks. You can always weaken a chaos warrior with hagbane or longbow headshots before engaging as well.

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