Gifting gear?

Would anyone else like the ability to gift/trade weapons? I have a couple of friends that dont have the hours I do in the game but still wanna try out some gear it would be nice to send them one of the 29 semi bricks i have lying around


O my god no. I already see tons of bots that grind money to buy weapons and upgrade and sell.


Good lord no.

It would get abused absolutely immediately.

It’s a shame because, in reality, yes. I wish I could, for all the reasons you describe. But I lived through the Runescape marketplace, I lived through kids trying to hawk garbage outside the Stormwind Auction House, and I don’t quite think I’m ready for a black market economy.


Without abuse it would work. But if the system is that hostile to new or casual players… The system itself is bad. They should change the whole thing before trying to bandaid it with gifting gear.


forgot about grey markets cant have crap on atoma man :frowning:


Whats next? V2 daily premium currency on DT? Then currecy also “giftable” between players?
Where is the line.

If they added in a auction house it would immediately kill the game part of the grind of this game is finding all your perfect weapons and how much of a struggle that can be sometimes. So I dont want them to ever give an easier way to getting weapons

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trade? nah.

gift? yeah sure why not.

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You all seem to get hung up on the trading part. Gifting would be awesome. Just like I‘d be happy to gift away ressources to team mates new to the game. (My father by now has one lvl 27 vet - I‘d like to gift him ressources and weapons)

I see the potential abuse of a trade system though. But if it was an exchange screen similar to borderlands everything would be fine in my book.

I’d also like to be able to transfer weapons from one of my characters to another.


2 accounts gifting each other can also be considered as a trade even if some scenarios count for a 1-way gift.

The rightly critizised toxicity steams from some form of market places - not from one to one direct trading.

Idk where the toxicity comes from when trading.
But the problems arise from 1:1 trading/gifting.
There cant even be 1 way gifting because you can just 1 way gift back.
Gifting is a nice way to say trading though.

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