Gift of Ladrielle too short

I would just make the ult like in 1.6.

Are people really complaining about HM right now? :rofl:

Ok ok. Sooooo lets get it straight :

  • 2 secs invisibility in this game is a blessing.
  • It pops up all the time, especially with latest abilities when you’re near your teamates.
  • You can dash away out of harms way to snipe 2 specials no problem.
  • Ennemies just stay where they are (unlike other dashing abilities from zealot, bw or slayer)
  • By the time you’re “visible” again, “most” of the ennemies will still focus closest allies.

There is no problem with the handsmaiden right now. I m not gonna redirect this to other careers which are in a weaker position (in comparaison to HM) since 2.0. but there are. Take a pick.

I m wondering if people complaining about HM being nerfed actualy played other careers.

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So because something is is bad state nothing else should be improved? Well, I guess that would be kind of fair, but I can’t agree with it at all.

While I do think Handmaiden is fairly good but the changes to the dash made it extremely underwhelming without any of the level 30 talents. While that does not have any influence for me or lot of players but to new players it is completely horrible change.

When the last talents initially required level 35, I had zero interest in playing Handmaiden without those talents. I only briefly tested the new weapon before going back to other careers. That is very telling indicator that something is clearly wrong with it since Handmaiden is my favorite career.

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Her dash is useless until lvl 30 when it can go invisible though xD That’s why at least adding a light bleed DoT to it would be nice. I mean, enemies got a massive HP increase anyway. None the less, if you’re going to compare her to the other two Elf classes, Shade and WS will out preform her massively. HM does have a place in high level weaves and Cata games due to her Stamina Aura. But a Shade or WS are the better picks depending on what you want. Now, if you want to compared her to other classes, BW is the strongest class in the game right now and Siennas other two classes are not bad by any means. FK is unkillable, as in, he can’t die unless you mess up badly. Merc is a beast, WHC with Bleed stacking on rapier is insane and boosts the rest of the party. Zealot is still zealot, BH and Huntsmen are decent. IB is amazing now as well, especially the ability to knock specials off himself with his gromil armour. So really the only other class that is in a worse state is Slayer. That’s not to say HM is bad, but she is for sure missing something…

And yes, I’ve played all the other careers. That includes clearing Cata with them.


I feel something similar with Kruber KF. These 3 seconds of invulnerability are useless, it only serves to charge frontally against flamerats or ratlins.

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If you stack block cost reduction & use the dodge through enemies talent, you barely even need to use her dash. She still feels strong and can clutch pretty easily, but it actually feels more broken/gimmicky, because you can just walk through entire hordes of enemies without even waiting for an ult cooldown. It’s odd that the dash was nerfed & something else was added that is even stronger.

IIRC, dash invis is just barely still long enough to finish a medkit heal, so that’s something.

Pre- WoM I used to abuse HM’s Dash/invis combo, drop aggro and watch the mobs bleed to death or chase after them to back stab elites.

I was quite sad that her dash got nerfed so now I use this very meta of making everything bleed and then I just dodge backwards (thru the mobs that would normally block my path) back towards my allies and resume CC by just blocking all their attacks (off balance trait on dual daggers) and let teammates cut them down from behind me.

I think all the “tanks” are now officially in a thankless support position that doesn’t get recognized on the results screen. How to rate “Who tanked/kited/supported” the most for a green circle?

Yeah, Dash is in an awful state - enemies can start attacks and hit you while you do it - and I don’t mean like you dodge into AoEs, they can just target you and attack you while moving. That’s just awful. Dodging through a group of enemies (which is encouraged by a lot of the talents) means you’ll often be thrown onto the defensive at the end instead of getting any value.

I’m not sure I mind GoL’s nerf, it’s still so inherently powerful. But it would be excellent if it was baked in, because not using it can be actively detrimental to you if you use Dash the way it seems to be intended. The Bleed coming back as baseline would also be excellent, and I think creates a great gameplay paradigm of “do I use this for damage, or keep it in case I need an escape?” This is something that a lot of other ults have - multiple functions, and deciding when the best time to use them adds to the gameplay. If this is really too powerful, I would legit prefer to see the cooldown increased to like 25-30 seconds rather than see it lose all interesting qualities.

If we did get an ult replaced, I’d hope it’d be one that would work well for a tanking Kerillian - Dash (especially with invis) is not good for a frontline tank. You don’t want to dump all your aggro onto your allies. If you could replace it with something that was actually fitting for a tank (like, I dunno, what if for four seconds you got damage resistance and were immune to being staggered by enemy pushes?), that might be really interesting.


It’s funny how they added need to stagger and didn’t introduce stagger. When core lynchpin of game balance change is forgotten to be put in the end statscreen. You can see how raw this release was.

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