General’s Vault = No Red Weapons

Just did a legend run, only missed 1 Grimore, got a Generals Vault. No red weapons. 40 mins down the drain. It’s becoming tiresome, grinding for nothing. I know it’s random, but god damn…

40 mins O.o normal runs take 15-25 mins max. What were you doing? And it’s a % chance… I only get a red maybe every 5 or so vaults.

We were getting the books and dragging barrels around, dealing with horde. Well done on doing legend runs I’m 15 mins! :clap:t2::roll_eyes:

15 mins isn’t impressive lol. On maps like halescourge, even pub groups can bang out 12 min runs.

A tip, don’t stop for hordes, just keep pushing unless you have a boss / patrol. If you stop and wait for every horde, it’s gonna take forever to finish the map. Especially when you start doing deeds with increased hordes.

If you want some help, you can add me on steam. I’ve just been doing pub groups lately since I don’t have time for my premade groups. Link in my profile to my steam

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With the current loot system, all I can say is “get used to disappointment”. The other day I opened 25 emperor vaults and got… 1 duplicate red. Mostly the vaults are full of junk. You’ll have good days and bad days but it’ll be less frustrating if you don’t get your hopes up for each vault. Additionally, and rather tragically, as you amass reds you’re guaranteed by the laws of probability to get fewer and fewer reds that you haven’t already found. All you can do is keep playing, try to have fun, and try to temper your expectations re: loot!


I wish we could just gift vaults to friends. I normally sit on them until I have 50+ then open for “fun”… Not like I can get anything new. I know other people sitting on 1k + vaults.


I’m on PS4 so restricted FOV makes it harder I think. Thanks for the tips. :+1:

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