General Opinion With a Few Short Criticisms

Felt compelled to write a post after seeing so much negativity coming from the community. I bought this game on a recommendation from a friend and I have been simply floored by it. I rarely play a game much past completion but I’ve put in 214 hours already and am still feeling the hype. Finally convinced three of my good friends to also pick it up and even though we’re generally an obnoxiously cynical and hard to please group, all three of them have gotten extremely hooked on it and we’re having a blast.

I had been feeling burnt out on video games a bit after the last big game I played, Destiny 2, turned out to be an anti-consumer, hollow mess like many other big games coming out these days. I’m downright astounded that this game cost $30 on release and doesn’t include any way of spending more money even if I wanted to, which I actually do. It strikes me as pro-consumer in a way that few games do, its clear that you’re far more invested in creating a quality experience for those who take the leap of faith than in trapping them and milking as much money as you can. This, on top of the fact that the game is shockingly fun, has really made me admire you as a developer and put you on my watch-list for future titles.

I’m really just overwhelmed by how much I love this game and how much fun my friends and I are all having. Main reason for creating this account was to write this post and hopefully balance out some of the negativity I’m seeing in the community. I can’t say some of the criticisms are unfounded, I’m not really the type to notice or care about the minutiae of game balance and while its important to be made aware of existing problems and to address them, the tone in which people communicate these criticisms has seemed needlessly harsh at times. I love this game and am very excited for any additional content or fixes.

There are obviously some issues that seem to detract from the game’s potential a bit but they’ve all been brought up enough I’m sure. To throw my two cents in, the biggest issues I personally have with the game are
-The lack of cosmetics
-The bafflingly low drop rate for virtually all of the coolest items
-Ranger bardin being terrible (had a friend start as bardin and nearly quit before getting ironbreaker)
-The speed at which crafting/re-rolling happens, its quite obnoxious
-The lack of a system informing you which heroes have a specific item equipped. Sucks flipping through all 15 trying to find who has some necklace equipped.

Overall, I think you guys have done an incredible job with the game and I’m very hyped for any and all DLC hopefully coming soon.


Good to have you and couldn’t agree more. Loving the game enough to play every day and so far I’m happy with the direction the game is going. It hasn’t been a perfect process but who cares, I’m happy to have a fun game supported by active devs who clearly care a lot.

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