Garden of Morr stuck in wall and locked cursor

I walked in the 2nd tomb and jumped to the right, getting stuck between the coffin and the corner wall. I was playing as Bardin. I couldn’t move, jump, crouch, or ult (pressing F did nothing).

Image of location

I got my teammates to kill me. When I respawned, I couldn’t move my cursor. I was stuck facing the same direction, but I could walk around, attack, ult, etc. My teammates guided me around the map (had to climb a ladder sideways and walk around a ledge facing the wall which was hilariously difficult, strafing everywhere and fighting enemies whilst praying they wouldn’t sneak behind me).

Pausing revealed the cursor and I could go into the options, so it was definitely an in-game problem. I did alt-tab out whilst dead for a while, so this could be a separate bug. I tried alt-tabbing, changing between fullscreen and windowed etc. but it wouldn’t reset. Anyway, it did eventually unlock itself but I don’t know what caused it to fix.

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