Gameplay Suggestions

Some thoughts as a level 28 Ogryn player, these are in no particular order.

Enemy Suggestions:

Enemies should drop items when you kill them, or have a chance to drop stuff

Bombers should drop a grenade pick up
Monstrosities should drop Diamantine or Plasteel, or medipacks
Gunners and/or Snipers should drop any ammo pick up


Corruption needs to be a percentage based value and not number based, I get very little corruption as an Ogryn while my entire team is always at 1/4 hp most of the time when 2 grims are picked up

Auspex Usage:

We should be able to use the Auspex to find areas where grims and scriptures are, not specifically their exact locations, but maybe a bleep or light when one is within a certain range.

Difficulty min levels:

Uprising needs to be minimum level 5 or 6, I’ve had too many level 3 players join and constantly die because they are too under-leveled.


Currently the cosmetics really don’t look good and are barely a difference from default gear. I want something different than colour changes, I want imperium logos, I want plating, I want skulls. Something fun.

Weekly Contracts:

I would like 1 or 2 contracts separate from the weekly ones where I can keep constantly doing them, or do them daily, just to keep things interesting after the weekly contracts are finished. Even if these contracts offer 1/2 of the weekly rewards, or are harder than regular ones.

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk

I agree on some the stuff, but little cheek. Bombers sometimes do drop grenades when they die. Just not good ones lol