Gameplay Loop Feedback - Gatekeeping Content

Enjoying parts of the pre-order beta, but the largest gripes I have are…


  1. Class content for basic weaponry should not be gatekept by level restrictions and RNG.
  • Needing to spend 15 hours to level your ONE class to start unlock additional basic weapon that COULD should up in the store, is a huge detractor to me. You will lose casual players in the gameplay loop if this keeps up. It forces people to believe they can only dedicate time for just one character class. I leveled up my guardsman fairly high from grinding day and night, but I just don’t have the energy to repeat this 3 more times for the other classes.
  1. Basic cosmetics for each class that allow players to role-play as their class, shouldn’t be locked behind extremely difficult penances.
    -Not having access to basic helmets or armor takes away from the immersion of the game and your class. People want to role-play in the warhammer community, so just give us a chance to do so right at the start. Just give a basic helmet or armor with pauldrons for my guardman please.


  1. Allow the basic store to sell ALL basic(grey rarity) weapons for a class right at the start
  • Allow the RNG store piece to be for those higher rarity weapons. Having access to the basic weaponry allows people to enjoy their class right at the start and not have to decide if they want to grind as a second job on the weekend to unlock more fun weaponry.
  1. Sell basic armor/helmet cosmetic in store
  • Allow me to buy at least the very basic helmet or armor that is available for my class, so I don’t have to run around for hours in pajamas. It’s fine to lock camos or unique armors behind penances, but I just want to look like a basic guardsman at least for the first 15 hours of me playing.

We’ll have to see how crafting mixes up the weapon diversity/acquisition before making some final judgements I think.

I definitely don’t like the RNG nature of the shop and the timed cycle. However if I can craft whatever I want then that makes it far more tolerable.

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I really hope so as well, but if the crafting system still is locked to the weapon pool you have available for your level, then it’s still going to be an headache for me, especially if this is going to be the progression speed after the pre-order beta.

Yeah - I’m not super optimistic but at the same time I’ll wait to see how it’s all fully implemented.

If crafting lets you make whatever you want, and then in shops you basically can just find better versions, then that could work fairly okay I think. - Though by default, again, I just really don’t like timed shops like that. I would prefer to be able to see the super uber upgraded versions of what I might want right away, even if it’s for a crazy high cost. It gives me a goal to work towards.

This could be instantly fixed if you were guaranteed to get a grey version of the weapon when you level up and it becomes available in the shop. Just as a “hey you’ve been cleared to use this” thing.

The ‘sell grey versions of all unlocked’ is also good idea though.