Game works fine on Game Pass, crashes (a lot) on Steam

Issue Description:
I played the game on Game Pass. Reached level 15: I had a single crash while constantly alt-tabbing and playing in Windowed-Fullscreen.
I am a big Vermintide fan and was waiting for Darktide to get in a Playable state.

I decided to buy the game on Steam: Performance is worse and the game crashes constantly. I’ve had the game crash in the launcher, in the setting menu, in character selection, in the ship, loading missions, during missions, after missions… it’s constant.
I do not use mods, I do not alt-tab, and play in full-screen mode.

I have tried every possible fix I could come across, including a full wipe/reset of my laptop. Currently, I have Steam, Game Pass, Darktide, and Chrome installed on my machine.
I thought I had it when I noticed in darktide_launcher that the game was launching on my AMD Radeon integrated GPU and applied the fix in Nvidia Control Panel (which worked), but it did not help with the crashes.
I regularly delete the Darktide folder in %appdata% then verify game files in Steam, which seems to lower the amount of crashes (still a healthy couple of crashes before/during/after one game).
I have reinstalled it on Game Pass recently just to check if I was going crazy: it runs flawlessly. I’ve tried to replicate Game Pass settings on Steam: it does not help. I’ve lowered a lot of the settings on the Steam version, it doesn’t help either.

I have noticed the launcher version is different (Game Pass has more settings), and the Game Pass version is able to pick up the right GPU without any sort of intervention on my side.
06:34:27.147 [Launcher] Launcher version: Launcher: 1.0.308.0
Game Pass:
10:50:55.359 [Launcher] Launcher version: Launcher:

The fact that it just runs perfectly in Game Pass out of the box, while it crashes constantly on Steam tells me my machine is not the issue.
I’m at the end of my rope. Unless you can propose an actual solution, I would very much like a refund, so I can buy it again on Game Pass… I really want to play the game but I don’t want to buy it twice.

I work in support and at this point this game just feels like extra hours :_(

I was unable to find anything in the dmp files but I keep seeing this in darktide_launcher after the crashes:
12:19:12.829 [Launcher] [Launch Game] !! Error parsing settings for ‘gamma’! Default value invalid! Returning generic!

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Every time I play, 2-3 per succesful game at least. Had one less than an hour ago.

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darktide_launcher.log (190.6 KB)
crash_dump-2023-10-31-18.40.09-f15ca7b3-49e1-4edc-a572-d1110d817f94.dmp (902.3 KB)
crash_dump-2023-10-31-22.56.01-2c3f25e3-29af-4550-b6e7-2a37236d36c2.dmp (887.3 KB)
crash_dump-2023-10-31-23.25.27-59bc6c2c-7152-47e8-8224-e8567cb66ef2.dmp (735.7 KB)
crash_dump-2023-10-31-23.49.54-af827d40-560b-4d13-bbdb-1394407520d0.dmp (729.4 KB)

GUID: 06f0a4f1-da97-494c-9cca-433606490124
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GUID: 10cf3048-4622-4aa5-8c8d-9fc689e76f36
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Sorry to hear this. I’ve shared this with our developers, and will report back to you.

all but one of the hangs is in a dll called tier0_s64.dll which is managed by steam. The last one was in a steam api call but from my perspective it doesn’t look like it’s deadlock in that case, just really slow (15s update, which we cutoff as a deadlock).

Sadly we can’t investigate further than this. Try update your steam client. In the next patch we plan to improve deadlock reporting to find info from our exe if possible. But it’s not 100% we will get any more info with that update.

We also have better tools to debug hangs in the gameplay code with the same update or before that. Since the last hang indicated that it could be something else.

After the last hotfix, the game started running fine on Steam (fine as in 0 crashes).
The only change on my side was turning off the Memory Integrity security setting in Windows and the usual verify game files + delete the Vermintide folder in %appdata%

I decided to turn Memory Integrity back on, hoping it was the hotfix that did “something”: now the same has stopped working again, and turning Memory Integrity off is not helping anymore :frowning:
I’ve been unable to even start a game since: it crashes in the launcher before character selection, right after I try to start a mission or anywhere in between.

My Steam client is already up to date. I don’t think reinstalling it will help (a full machine wipe did not help), but I will give it a shot.

Do you have any other suggestions?

GUID: 8d40b957-2477-4b64-a933-0ff8eb0aeef0
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