Game using CPU and NO GPU

as it says in the title my game on task manager is only running though mt memory at like 8k MB and CPU and like 0.7 GPU pretty sure this would be the cause of the game crashing every time and bricking my pc even on load screen

can confirm game doesnt fully utilize GPU for some reason. Its bound to be CPU heavy due to amount of NPCs and enemies but still…

For me I have 3070 Ti and its utilized only on 70% max even at GPU heavy scenes (like prolog was 40-50 fps for me but GPU was only 60%??? :slight_smile: )

During the closed beta I had constant 15 FPS (except once when somehow after a lot of ALT+ENTER I ended on perfectly stable 55 for exactly a single mission, bc then the game crashed), and GPU usage was about 7% according to task manager. On a GTX 1060.

I am seeing the same on my end. CPU at 30 -50%+ and GPU at 0.3%

Game is CPU heavy, probably cause of all the AI entities. You’re GPU is not maxing out cause it has to wait for your CPU. CPU not showing maxed out in task manager cause it wont be using all the cores evenly, but one of your cores is prob maxed out.

edit: IDK why it’s showing <1% gpu usage though.

Looking in to this. Thank you!

Had one game since the update where it actually used my gpu and was at 95%, was so happy coz I was getting stable fps but it was only for 1 mission, really weird.

I can confirm this aswell. My GPU is usually at around 10-20% load. However I noticed that if the game crashes there’s almost always a GPU load spike to 100%. Hope this helps.

task manager can be completely wrong when it comes to usage, use something else