Game still F***ing broken

When are they gonna fix the game? I get that i takes a long time to fix it, but a release date for some type of finished, polished and actually playable product would be nice, since i already paid for this buggy mess that you call a game, i’d like to know when i can play the finished product. Specials and standard enemies are still not being staggered properly, and they STILL don’t produce sound reliably, Sienna’s and Kerillians ‘‘heat seeking’’ ults still fly off into the sunset half the time i use them and the maps still reset if the hosts leave. I could go on but come on. it’s getting frustrating to play at this point, i’m honestly gonna put this game on a shelf and wait for a few months. Maybe then it will finally be finished. Sorry for the crybaby post, i’m just frustrated that the game is still a F***ing mess.


Sounds like you need to take a break.



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It’s playable for a lot of people. Think of it this way, if you can overcome those minor bugs, when everything gets fixed, Legend will be easy mode for you.