Game Still after patch 1.0.6

Since there was a new patch today which sounded very good, i wanted to try it out, but my game launcher still says its on version Even though the game downloaded a patch :confused:

I just got 3 loot die from Skittergate, its live, just a glitch in saying which one is active atm. Play and enjoy it :smiley:


But i just was “Into the nest” killed Boss and no loot dices. Or is there only a chance for them ?

O.O thats odd… honestly idk then. From what i understand, its automatically 2 Loot die from non skittergate bosses and 3 from skitter. They are supposed to spawn in the middle of the arena… maybe its still a little glitchy? sorry to hear that :frowning: maybe try restarting steam? (honestly have no idea)

Already did restart. Thanks for your answer. At least i know now, that the patch SHOULD be active XD

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For some reason it seems the game launcher lags a day or two behind. As long as steam downloaded something you are golden.

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