Game ran smoother after a forced disconnect

I usually get what feels around 50-45 FPS. However, after being desynched and reconnecting, the game ran a buttery smooth 60fps for the rest of the mission with zero issues.

I just… what…

System specs?

1660 Super GPU

Ryzen 5 3600 CPU


Yea the game performance is influenced to some degree by your network, I think it’s got something to do with network ports that aren’t set up completely right for most people, myself included. It sucks that the developers still haven’t managed to solve this issue (yet).

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16 gigs
6GB Vram

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I was thinking if you maybe had 8 GB or maybe 12 GB, loading the game without loading the hub could maybe possibly get you under some threshold that could give you a decent bump in performance but yeah, no…

Be really curious if it’s repeatable or happenstance.

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