Game process hangs after exit requiring steam client restart

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Issue Description:
game process(es?) will hang after selecting “exit game” from esc menu. will show as still active in steam library and will hang there for hours like that (not exaggerating). then, when I click the “stop” button on the steam library page for Darktide it gets stuck again even if there is no task listed in the task manager window. the only way I have found to clear the issue is to restart my whole steam client, at which point I notice that steam says that it was unable to sync w/the cloud after the last time I played.
darktide beta crash report

Steps to Reproduce:
it has happens every single time I exit the game since the initial round of closed beta testing


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console-2022-11-18-03.31.19-c478053b-bd7b-4b8e-b786-eb763ee4edb6.log (389.0 KB)
console-2022-11-19-04.23.48-d464cabe-f393-4a08-9408-3fb8c0b14de0.log (289.4 KB)
console-2022-11-22-02.57.44-b3ff7f29-5510-4ba6-9613-ebabe49897a9.log (659.6 KB)

darktide_launcher.log (81.6 KB)

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