Game hardlocks in scoreboard depending on the host

The game hardlocks when the host’s steam client disconnects and reconnects during the game for some reason.
It happened multiple times to me and I’ve seen it happen to others as well, it’s when the host appears as offline in steam for a short period of time and then reconnects saying they started playing Vermintide 2.
The host going offline and online on steam happens without the host doing so or seeing it themselves and is some sort of issue with the steam client and maybe vermintide?

console-2021-01-11-19.26.53-7b9899b2-54a0-4ef9-893b-a537214f522f.log (2.3 MB)


I had that once and it was necessary for one of the other guys (not the host) to leave. We were stuck for 3 minutes.

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I’ve also seen this from time to time, usually had to Alt+F4…

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I´ve actually gotten stuck in the black loading screen after that one, didnt stop until 2 guys quit 5 minutes after it started.

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had to alt+F4 twice earlier because of this :upside_down_face:

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