Game froze during commendation opening screen - no loot

When opening a commendation chest the game froze on the “pre loot” screen

This one:

I left it for a minute or so.

escape did nothing. had to alt f4 to get out of it.

enter opened the chat while 1 other player was still in my keep, after they left it no longer opened the chat window.

Console log.

console-2021-05-11-07.29.27-cdbca0e4-b8dd-47c6-8a98-dbf9584e2015.log (1.2 MB)

EDIT: on relaunch it does appear that I got the loot from the chest, it just didn’t show and gave me no way to exit.

It looks like the ‘Crosshair Kill Confirmation’ mod was the culprit here!


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