Game freezes when changing operatives (sometimes)

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Sometimes when changing operatives game freezes and even waiting for 10+ minutes does not help. I’ve started to force shutdowns when it happens. Does not happen often, but it’s annoying as hell and made me loose opportunity to check Brunt’s Weapon Exchange couple of times. Maybe there was a 380 grey Bolter? Or worse yet! 465 Bolter that would be unbrickable!?
I will never know. It will eat at my consciousness till the moment I die…

Btw. please find below copy from The Wizard (It’s from forcing shutdown):

GUID: 79c5687c-83df-49a7-8dfc-8b5fba170af3
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  1. Check Brunt with one of your operatives.
  2. Notice there is only 1+ minute before restock.
  3. Frantically try to change operative
  4. Game freezes. You know you have to force shutdown - it will not resolve itself on time (or ever).
  5. Go through menus to try load other operative.
  6. Be late.
  7. No profit, cry…

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No, I don’t use mods

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Unusual (<25%)

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PC - Steam

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Lt. Davin Felth

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console-2023-12-27-13.54.46-0f1a0284-0b8f-46de-ace0-55ff1d3b63a6.log (54.4 KB)

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