Game Difficulty after patches is clearly off

Either somethings changed or quickplay suddenly has terrible teams because it feels way harder.

I’ve been doing 4+ without too much trouble with randoms and now can barely manage a malice.
Constant wave spawns, multiple elites - 4 ragers, 2 dogs, a bomber, numerous gunners and 2 mutants followed by a 2 hordes. That was just the start.

There seems to be way more demon hosts but weirdly they seem easier to kill.

The items available in the armoury seem worse - lower ratings and less damage it’s not even worth looking now. On top of that the rewards for completing a mission are a few coins. I can count on my hand how many times its awarded a weapon. Tier 4 and 5 should always award something good. Who wants just materials is any game ever? Have they not heard showering players in loot actually encourages more people to play. It’s a proven fact - see diablo, division, destiny etc. Who wanbts to logon every hour to check a shop? Thjat should just be additional not a main feature.

At this point its losing players in droves - it must be as I can barely find a team without bots.

So if they have upped the difficulty without giving more rewards, more loot, crafting, more tools the developers clearly have no idea.

It’s a shame as the game looks so nice and plays so well but as it is, it’s no fun. Goodness knows what a new player trying it out must think.