Game crushing

After I purchased and installed DLC, the game started to hang. Namely, at the end of each level when the entire team enters the gate to complete the level, everything hangs. That is, I see all the characters, the music periodically plays, but then the download does not go. All that remains is to leave the group, respectively, left without experience and chests.

I reinstalled the game, cleaned the mods, updated the driver, nothing helps. I ask to help to solve the problem.

We are investigating reports of this - it seems certain backend requests are timing out causing the level not to end. Our first change will be to allow users to finish the map but if there is a time out they may not get loot. The fix for that will also include the addition of more detailed logging so once the next patch goes out, let us know if the problem continues and provide console logs so we can look in to the new logging.

Sorry for the trouble in the mean time :frowning: this is what you need?

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