Game crashes whenever leeches uses his ability to grab, in modded realm

As described in the title, my game instantly crashes whenever a leech tries to grab (when the green beam pops) me, this only happens in the modded realm. I’ve tried disabling most of the mods that aren’t sanctioned and it still happens. Any ideas? I’m pretty sure this was not the case before the chaos waste update.

This is the error:
GUID: becb17ec-958f-4634-a806-9db727dc05bd
Log File:
Info Type:

[Script Error]: …aviour/nodes/chaos_sorcerer/bt_corruptor_grab_action.lua:215: attempt to index local ‘blackboard’ (a nil value)

console-2021-04-29-12.44.26-d67480b4-3a4d-4b4d-a132-02260c4639b2.log (512.0 KB)

Additional note: This only happens when I’m the host, if I’m client I do not crash

This is the CreatureSpawner mod. You’ll need to contact the mod author via the Steam Workshop page.

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