Game crashes same point in benchmark

GUID: 24326832-d201-4863-a42c-1b8c5b5a0fb7
Log File:
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3 crashes in a row in the exact same spot of the benchmark. I have yet play the game after recent install. I’m just trying to find a graphics setting that works before attempting to play the game.

This is a brand new ryzen 5 laptop with nvidia GTX 1650 card and 16MB of ram.

I verified game file integrity
reinstalled GPU driver as clean install (driver version reduced worker thread to 6
capped FPS at 60
checked console log:
[D3DRenderDevice] choosing adapter: 0 (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650)

However, Benchmark results popup reports results relative to the integrated graphics device:
Display: AMD Radeon™ Graphics, Display 1! Resolution: 1920x1080

GUID: 24326832-d201-4863-a42c-1b8c5b5a0fb7
Log File:
Info Type:

benchmark results|408x267 console-2020-12-26-01.37.39-3b8e07a2-5f70-41af-bec9-ba8b650b23d9.log (104.6 KB) console-2020-12-26-01.52.16-1d7d41db-4a3f-46a5-bb0c-048bd828c30c.log (108.0 KB) console-2020-12-26-02.23.38-f66e0316-eae1-4dee-8769-b7679a6dfe6f.log (95.3 KB)

I know this isn’t a fix but merely a temporary workaround ; but if you go to your device manager on windows (just type devmgmt.msc in the windows search bar or in the Run window) and disable the on-board graphics card, windows will have to use your GTX 1650.
See if that works first.

This is odd - looking in to it.

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is any of these logs from the actual crash? make sure the time stamps of the file matches with your session.

I can’t find the crash from the logs or guid, so there isnt much I can do from this info.

I think the report can be a issue with C# variant what adapter 0 is not matching the engines adapter 0.

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