Game Changes that are not commonly talked about but needed

I have played the game over 400hrs, I will continue to play the game. It is a great game-play loop and can be picked up and put down without the feeling I am missing out on something. Like the Vermintide games it has near infinite repeatability.

Here are the quality of life changes I think should be implemented if possible to improve the overall experience for people who just want to play the game for the games sake.

  • The ability to switch characters in the mission load/prep screen. ( having all 4 chars to max and geared I would like to be able to switch and feel holes in the team comp.)
  • More crafting materials rewarded per mission. ( they are to sparse now)
  • Rework or add the ability to Quick-match any difficulty. (Sometimes I just want to play a match and I really don’t care what difficulty or map it is.)
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At least double if not triple the current plasteel amount per drop. It’s 1500 plasteel to upgrade from grey to orange, with 800 to go from purple to orange. Given that per mission the rate is about 100-180 plasteel that means a minimum 5 completed runs to upgrade a weapon the last level. This isn’t even counting potential perk rerolling costs.


Definety agreed. More crafting supplies are needed.

BTW, does anyone know the full cumulative cost to get item perks re-rolled down to the free level?